My Face!

  • An amazing thing happened today! I was looking in the mirror and was surprised to see me from 5+ years ago looking back. I have stopped looking in the mirror over the last five years because I just couldnt recognize myself anymore with all the extra weight and how my face just looked so different. I usually dont share this because people say things like "youre beautiful, no matter what weight you are" and I would get frustrated because I wasnt saying I wasnt beautiful but it was just weird looking in the mirror and seeing someone that you dont quite recognize as yourself. Anyway, today for the first time in over 5 years I saw my face again. I just stood there smiling and laughing. This Body For Life process is priceless. Its giving me a part of my life back that I lost for far too long. I just had to share this!

  • What a great testament to BFL and your dedication and hard work! Thank you so much for sharing this and inspiring others.  Congrats on your progress so far and hope it fuels the rest of the 12 weeks.

  • What a lovely post, Faithful! That really brightened my morning. I am so happy for you! Keep up the great work, because this is only the beginning!