Week 8 results are weird! - Your feedback appreciated!

  • Hey guys!
    First off, thanks for sharing your insights.

    Where am I going wrong?

    Week 1

    Weight = 77.3 kg

    Fat = 19.9 kg

    Muscle = 52.9 kg

    BF % = 25.7%


    Week 4

    Weight = 75.9 kg

    Fat = 17.4 kg

    Muscle = 54.1 kg

    BF% = 22.9%


    Good trend so far, but then my results for week 8 were:


    Week 8

    Weight = 75.0kg

    Fat = 16.9 kg

    Muscle = 53.7

    BF = 22.5 %


    The trends lowered considerably, and I've lost muscle yet can carry the same amount of weight!!  yet I've only changed my workout

    by taking shorter breaks and focus more on weight than technique (just to mix it up a bit).


    Otherwise, I ate the same and did the same. What's going on?  How come I'm losing muscle mass and the trends slowed down?

    My body is eating my muscle for energy: Do I need to eat more?  I eat around every 2-3 hours and feel full.

    Thanks for your input guys! And if ever you are experiencing something like this, please let me know and I'll comment as well.




    And I'm pretty sure anyone will tell you that TECHNIQUE is more important than adding weight and doing them all wrong.  You aren't working the right muscle doing them incorrectly. Personally I can lift a whole lotta weight WRONG but aif I focus on form then I can typically only lift 3/4 of that weight (at best).

  • I agree with the Trudster.

  • Also what are you using to gather this data?

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  • Also, could you post last weeks meal plan, or one or two of your last meals, including times and portion sizes?

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • You might be hitting a slight plateu (sp?)

    Your results still sound great though! Are you measuring your body areas? There might be a bigger difference there.

    Try switching up your work out routines, do wkouts you haven't tried before. I find some of these on the web- You tube has some great ideas about different exercises.

    I think once you trick and challenge your muscles, you will see more of a difference.

    Don't worry so much, you are doing GREAT!!!

    Keep it up and keep pluggin' away!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hey Trudy,

    If I threw away the #s, I would maybe "feel" great, but would be living a lie.  I'm not looking to feel good (although that's great). I'm looking to have the body I want in a healthy manner.  If I feel good as well, that's great.

    Granted, this is just my opinion.  Also I admire how you are able to hold back from carrying more weight than you could to make sure you have good technique.  Most people don't do that.

    I don't go overboard with the excess weight, but I would compromise it so that, for example, when bringing the weights back it would take one second as opposed to 2 seconds and saying "bodyforlife" which Bill recommends in his book.  I wouldn't compromise form because it's dangerous.

  • Hey Terry,

    of course I can.

    I can post a typical day of meals:

    6:00am  a banana, 2 eggs and 2 pieces of ham. + 2 glasses of water, 1 glass of O.J. + 1 cup of coffee

    8:30am: a portion of pasta, tuna, and broccoli with a teaspoon of mayonnaise + a half-portion of nuts + one glass of water

    12:20pm:  a portion of pasta, tuna, broccoli with a teaspoon of mayonnaise + a half-portion of nuts + one glass of water

    3:00pm: EAS nutrition bar + 2 glasses of water

    4:00pm: 1 cup of coffee

    6:00pm:  a portion of chicken *** and a banana (or strawberries)  + 1 glass of water

    9:00pm: 4 slices of turkey, a banana (or strawberries) and a glass of low-fat milk (or water)

    This is a typical day.

  • Hey Champster,

    I replied but don't think it came out.

    I use a bodyfat measuring scale (www.medicinenet.com/.../art.asp). Do you recommend using this machine?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hey Stacy,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm not measuring the body areas. I'm using pictures to determine muscle gains and such. Do you recommend I use measuring tape?

    I've been switching up my workout routines every 4 weeks and I have been making progress in my technique and amount I can lift. I will maybe mix it up more. Do you recommend mixing it up weekly?

    I'm going to keep going, but was just concerned if I was doing something wrong, seeing that I lost muscle mass.

    Maybe it's my body's reaction to the changes?  

    Thanks Stacy!


  • G'day Dan.

    Looking at your meals, some seem short on protein. I am not an expert and I too have struggled with losing muscle as well, but I hope the following will help.

    Meal 1 - not sure how much protein is in 2 pieces of ham but I doubt it will be enough, even with 2 eggs. As a guide, you should be having 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight ie. 165 g + per day.  Divide that by 6 and that will be a starting point for each meal. I say plus, because I think a little more protein is beneficial to maintain/build muscle, if that is one of your goals (at 75kg I would imagine that to be the case?). Then balance out with a similar quantity on the carbs.  I would also drop the OJ, unless you squeeze it yourself, too much sugar and preservatives for me - you are better off with a whole orange. Banana OK but not best choice. When do you workout? If before 1st meal, 1 banana afterwards is fine but at other times there are better options. Have you tried oatmeal (porridge) and protein powder? For me this is a simple option and I can easily adjust the protein/carb quantity.

    Meal 2 + 3 - I usually aim for 100-150g of canned tuna (in springwater) to get enough protein. Mayonnaise low or non-fat? Not sure about a half portion of nuts. If you are eating tuna everyday, your body should be getting the good fats from this without having to add nuts.

    Meal 4 - bars are OK but also higher in sugar than a protein powder or meal replacement shake (the mix yourself ones - the pre-mixed ones are also higher in sugar).

    Meal 5 - suggest you use brown rice, yam (sweet potato) or even potatoes for your carb. They are low GI and you will get more out of them. The only starch carb (apart from bananas) in above looks like pasta.

    Meal 6 - again not sure if enough protein and a banana as carb is really not a good idea.

    Overall, I think you could drop back 1 piece of fruit, especially 2nd banana, and replace with another carb choice; check that the protein levels in your choices provide enough and increase it if it is short; drink more water - 12 glasses a day should be a minimum and if you drink coffee, add another 1-2 to reverse the dehydrating affect of coffee. I drink anywhere from 3-6 litres per day. Unless you drink huge quantities all at once, you are not going to over-hydrate and cause problems, but too little will not hydrate your muscles enough and therefore they will not respond as they can.

    Above is what I have read here, in other forums and what I have experienced. I have just finished a 2nd challenge (the first was 3 years ago) and while I did not lose as much scale weight this time, I do feel that I have gained muscle, or at least not lost any. Given that I can lift slightly heavier now with proper form and can do chin-ups for the first time in my life, proves to me that this approach does work, for me and I hope it will for you.

    Hope this helps and good luck with the last 4 weeks of the challenge.

  • Hey Adam,

    thank you very much for your feedback.

    I will be drinking more water and will be eating more protein.  

    Sadly, because I live in Asia, I don't get a lot of foods that you guys can take for granted, but I'll work around it to make it happen.

    Thanks again man, and see you at the finish line! =)