10 week progress pics

  • Down almost 20lbs, and lots of inches.  The past two weeks I have gone on three 2-day mini getaways, and have done a "free day" on both of those two days.  I didn't want to have to sweat planning, I just made good choices on that second day, as best I could, while enjoying family/friends.  Too many times I have been in diet prison and missed out on a lot.  This is my body for LIFE, so I'm making it work for me.  The nice thing?  I didn't get down on myself like I normally would and cause a downward spiral.  As soon as getting home, back on plan 100% the rest of the time. 

  • Woooooooo  Hooooooooo!!!!!  Awesome job!  You're looking great!  

  • Great job!!!  Great results!!!  

  • What an absolutely FANTASTIC job you are doing, inside AND out! Your progress is outstanding. Your attitude is just as wonderful as your efforts. I feel like this program gives people the opportunity to enjoy life; not because our body just looks good, but also because we feel good about the choices we make. I am so happy that you feel liberated from "diet prison". Yay for you!

  • Wow, Sleepless you have made some encouraging and wonderful progress in just the 10 weeks and I wish you the best all the way to the successful completion of your BFL Challenge.   WTG!!!!

  • Sleepless08, you are a poster child for how if you work the program the program works!  You look absolutely awesome and it is quite evident that you have dedicated yourself to being true to yourself!  I want to thank you for answering my question's I posted the first time you showed your amazing results. I haven't yet began as I am slowly recovering from an unexpected surgery. I hope you won't mind but I am going to reference your amazing results when I get clearance to begin this new change to a healthier body and life.  Thank you for sharing and inspiring me and I'm certain many others!  Bravo!