Starting Challenge #2 (first set of photos included)

  • Here we go again!  I am starting round 2 of my Body For Life Challenge program, and my boyfriend is joining me! We each have our own goals, but from July 8 to October 8, I will lose another 20 pounds. I post this here so you all can keep me focused,motivated, on track, inspired, since it was amazing the last time how much positive feedback I got throughout! My first  challenge I went from 193 lbs to 164.5 lbs!

    I gained 5 pounds since my move to Michigan, which I fully anticipated, since my doctor & I made it clear that it would be unreasonable to maintain that high level of fitness during a cross country move (and those 5 pounds won't be around very long, I'm sure). Also, this challenge should be a lot different because I NOW HAVE A KITCHEN! Before I was an RA of a freshman dorm at college, and had no access to a kitchen. I had to rely on whatever I got make from a mini fridge/microwave, but I ate mostly at cafeterias and fast food. I got my Eating for Life cookbook and I'm very excited! My apartment complex has a little gym with treadmills, and we bought adjustable dumbbells & weight  bench, so we can do this even in the colder months. 

    Current Stats:
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 169.5 lbs
    Waist: 30.5 inches
    Hips: 38 inches
    Body Fat Percentage (according to 31% 
    Currently wear a size 12 jeans

    Goal: 150 lbs

    Current Photos:


  • Yay!! I am so happy for you that you are doing this program again!! I have just recently started as well so I look forward to going through this journey together!

  • Way to go Maemouse.  You look soo happy too!! GReat results are coming from great efforts. I am currently on AR and will start up with some HIT cardio soon after this and some light weight work to go with it for the summer. Too bad my BMI was too high , didn't get the company bonus this year but maybe next year I can do it. (had to lose 5% of total to get it, tough when you're adding muscle as well). Keep MOving Forward!!!!

  • Yaaay!! I am so excited for you! You were able to have an amazing transformation in the college dorm, I can't wait to see what you accomplish now with your own kitchen and everything!