Free Day

  • Week three ends tomorrow for me. It's also my designated free day. I loathe free days. The first one was ok during the day. The next morning, however, I felt like hammered $h!t. It was the same with week two: bloated, irritable bowels, heavy, lethargic. Having a free day sounds great throughout the week. You've put in the hard work, worked the program to the letter, ate the best you possibly could and worked your butt off in the gym. But when the free day comes six days later, and all this food is available, what do you do? I know that Bill says in the book that there's a "physiological and psychological" reason to have a free day. But does it really matter if you don't take the day to pig out on pizza and tacos? 

  • Like the challenge tips say, it's your free day, and your free not to use it. I understand you completely on the free day hangover. Sometimes, just a free " meal " will do. Just pick your most enjoyable meal of the day, it might be a great breakfast,  lunch or supper. I  find if I indulge too much, I have no energy and feel as you described. It's more of a break from your day to day eating right schedule. Drink water on your free day. I find it helps

  • Hello,  I did stay away from alcohol /drinking during my Free day because as Bill mentions it will mess up your metabolic rate for at least 48 hours and result in not so great training results for that week (mess up your momentium in the scheme of things).  i usually tried to stay with one or two craved items of just one meal on that day that wasn't on the books so to speak. Hope this helps you out. some.