Failure exists ONLY for the person who quits:)

  • I saw this on Facebook and it made me stop and think..I thought I would share it for my BFL Family...Love you guys..

    don't you dare give are building your best body...It starts from the inside out! Keep believing, you're going the right way! One step at a you are building on what you did yesterday...

    it's NOT in WILL have the body you deserve..keep at it..little bit at a time...Keep plugging away..This is the BEST program out there!!!

    much love,


  • This is a strong motivator. There are days when I have to ask myself why am I doing this? Without a strong enough why, it really is difficult to follow through. Results are motivating, and when they do not appear as fast as we would like, it can take you down. I don't know if I'll reach my goals, but I do know I can't give up or give in. Thanks for the post.

  • Both success and failure begin in the mind.

  • Success is made of two words  Suc and cess neither is great until you put them together and make it a tryiumph !!!

  • You're welcome cameo!! Change will come!! Thanks BFL'ers:)))..I feel so different's only been 2 weeks:))

  • Also..cameo..there are days that I really don't want to work out..before the Challenge I would have little arguments with myself about why I don't have to work out today..and my argument was "you can just make it up tomorrow..or you don't feel good so you can skip today..or it's too hot outside" I just go do my work out because I'm doing the challenge and by golly I'm going to do exactly what I'm supposed to do and I look at the pictures of the champions and tell myself..I'm going to look like that! So yea..we all struggle....but you just have to push through for the reward which is the best body of your life!!

    Much love!


  • I think support is also a big factor. To have someone to discuss your highs and lows with.If you feel a slip is coming on, you can come here and talk to others and get that emotional boost. I'm doing this program alone, and once in  a while I need to vent or just talk BFL. Thank goodness for these posts and discussions. Thank you Angela.

  • Love that quote - I blew week 3 (in my opinion) I missed a weight lifting workout and was off the nutrion for 4 days. But, I'm jumping back in the saddle on Week 4. --So no quitting, no restarting, just keep pressing forward for me. I got out the bed and did my weight lifting at 4:30 this morning and so far I'm on target for eating.  Setbacks won't be a reason to be defeated...

  • Yes Cameo..That's what this forum is for..for encouragement!!!!  Advice!! Connections!!!  

    PeachSonria!'s not too late to get back in the saddle! I've messed up..really didn't want to work out today....but I just went and did it...Like the book says..It's like a doctor's appointment and you treat it as seriously as a doctor's appointment..also..I look at myself as the old me would miss a workout..but the new me..oh heck no, I'm going to crush this!!!!

    Love you guys! Just run that good race!!!