CHALLENGE COMPLETE! (with photos) :)

  • Hello all!

    I did this program for 16 weeks, rather than 12 weeks due to my therapist's advice and...

    I'VE LOST 28.5 POUNDS!
     I started 193 pounds on February 11th, and ended at 164.5 pounds June 12th :)

    I've lost about 3 inches from my weight. I started a size 14 womens pants, and now am about a 12, maybe a 10! (haven't been shopping in awhile lol, but my new clothes are loose already!)

    I just wanted to say that going into this program, I was only about 50% sure that is was going to work, only about 50% sure that I was going to be able to follow the program exactly and keep to it. Here I am now, surprising myself, when I thought that nothing would work, that I was just stuck this way. I've surprised myself, and as much as I want to say that it was this program that did these results, I know that in order for BFL to work, YOU HAVE TO WORK. I did, and I don't know if I've ever been this proud of myself in any point of my life. 

    There are darker days, slower days, but I know now that I can do what I set my mind too. This is my body, the priceless machine that I drive, and it's up to me to take care of it. I have never felt healthier in my life, nor have I been this weight since middle school!

    Thank you BFL forum for being an invaluable source of inspiration for me! It was because of you all that I know I could do this, because you all have done it, or were in the same boat too. I'll be starting my second challenge in a few weeks with my boyfriend, once we move across the country and are settled, but I know that I hit a point in my life, a crossroads, that I will never turn back. This is my body for life :)

  • Great job!!!  You've proven to yourself that you can accomplish your goals.  Don't look back!!!  Keep at it!!!  Congratulations!!!

  • Wow! You look great! Good job.

    Wish I had as much progress. I'm starting wk 9 (again. . .after wk 8 I missed a week of workouts and didn't eat great).

    Thanks for posting the pics, very encouraging!

  • Congratulations, Maemouse!  You look so petite and fit. It is so awesome to see that this program truly works if you work the program. I admire you and all the others that are currently doing the challenge and those that have done this challenge multiple times!  Hurrah for you!  

  • Great job!  Way to go!

  • I am sooo freakin happy to see this post! You absolutely blew it out of the water!!! And your words moved me to tears, especially in the last paragraph. Doing this with the support of the people here makes it so special. You just look stunning. Them arms, man! What a perfect presentation of feminimity and strength. Congratulations.

  • Way to Go Maemouse882, And Congratulations on your sucessful completion and results of your challenge!!!! We are all proud of you (myself included of course) and wish you well moving forward from this point on. Best wishes always!!!

  • Your weight loss is equivalent to the weight of three, 9-pound babies lol! Good work!!


  • Great job Maemouse!!  You have really transformed yourself.  You look great and your words were very moving.  Best wishes to you and yoir boyfriend in your move and your next challege.  Thank you for sharing your journey with us.