Zippers and scales :)

  • I am SO excited today!  I have a stack of pants that I folded up and shoved to the back of my closet in hopes of selling them because I never thought I would fit into them again.  Ever. 
    This morning I jumped on the scale and saw a number I hadn't seen in 2 years- so........ I took a deep breath and crawled through my closet to the stack of jeans I have and slid them on- I could zip them up!!!  (With a little sucking in) but they zipped!!  Before- I was lucky to get them around my thighs!!
    I can't wait to see what next week brings! 

  • yey!!!! thats great - I bet you felt amazing!!!!

    What week are you on?

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • congrats!!!! i am just starting today, day one!!

  • MissyMaddieMoo-  I am on the end of my 4th week.  I eat basically the same thing every day so it's easy and more routine and have started throwing unhealthy stuff from my fridge (and freezer) into the trash can.  Less temptations.  

    Debbievanl- Congrats on starting!!  You will get there before you know it!  

  • Congratulations B2B!  That scale isn't always so bad after all!  ;o)  Keep going, keep tossing that bad food out, you're doing great!

  • Great job! It's encouraging to hear about others progress.

  • WOW ,  isn't it a great feeling to put on those clothes you thought you never would again??? Congrats to you!!!

  • What a great feeling that is and I am SO happy you got to experience that!!

  • I can relate to numbers on the scale lol! unfortunately, I get surprised by the higher numbers lol..I can't wait to start my challenge Monday so I can see numbers in the lower category that I haven't seen in a long time!

  • Thanks guys!  I want to post my progress pics very much, but want to wait until after the 12 week challenge.  :)

    At first I was really discouraged because I jumped on the scale early in the challenge and saw the numbers going up and then staying the same.  So my husband hid the scale (I was obsessing over it, lol) and I just got it back.  So I held my breath and sure enough, the numbers were more in my favor (I'm not talking like 10 pounds or anything- but just enough to make me smile)  :)