Week 5 Illness

  • Hi fellow body-for-lifers,

    Last Monday (May 13), I tested positive for mono. I had been dealing with minor symptoms for about two weeks but was still able to stay on top of my challenge. However, last week I was too sick to work out and couldn't stay on my eating plan because I could only eat soup, no solid food. I'm pretty bummed because I was doing so well and then week 5 I had to ignore my challenge. I am hoping to get back to working out tomorrow and I am back on my eating plan today. I'm hoping that I'm not pushing myself back into it too soon because I am still easily fatigued but I am not one to rest when I've been told to rest. A week of rest is enough right? Anyway I'm wondering if this week off will really affect my progress. Any help you all can provide would be great. Thank you!

  • I had almost the same concerns last week after two weeks off for a broken toe and foot. Have a ways to go but am working out now.

    Taking care of your health is the first priority. Even if you had to take another week off you should be OK but as was advised to me stay strict on the meal plans. My first workout back was amazing. I could really tell there were changes and seemed to pick up right where I left off. If nothing else it just motivated me even more.

    Get healed up and get after it! You can kick the pants off the mono and the challenge both!!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Just think how good you are going to feel and look after reaching your goals in only 10 weeks.... WHO HOO!!!!!