Free Day Guilt

  • I know it's advised that we take a free day.  Yesterday I took one , but I feel like I was too nervous to enjoy it.   I have seen great results and I'm only in my third week now and I was afraid that if I stopped eating right and working out (even for a day!), then everything would reverse., or I would lose my progress and regain my weight.  I didnt go crazy by any means- I did still eat every 2 hours, but for dinner I ate pizza and then had 4 cookies before bed, and chips.  Almost 1/4 a bag.   It wasn't a "Free for all buffet day" or anything, but I still feel guilty for breaking the diet and am nervous about my progress and next weeks free day.  Does anyone else go through this?  How do you get over the mind set that it's ok to "indulge" for one day and keep yourself in line?       

  • Free day can be a "free meal" or you can eat whatever you want all day. Believe it or not, one day doesn't do any harm to your previous efforts.Now, I have had the free day hangover because I went a little crazy and ate too much.I found by the second day after freeday, I'm back on track. I think trying to eat clean 7 days a week is really tough, so don't feel guilty for treating yourself.I have read where some challengers never used their freeday.I find it helps me if I have a moment of weakness, and try to sneak something in during the week. Free day eliminates this for me.The only reason I would not eat too much on freeday is because it leaves you feeling flat the next day, it's the only downfall. Just find a nice balance and enjoy your day, you earned it!

  • Bye2babyfat, Granted I have never completed 12 weeks with total diligence but I have done 8 weeks a couple times with excellent results (20 pounds gone each time). When I was having such success I was taking full advantage of free day. I would not feel so good at the end of free day due to all the crap I ate. I know others only do a free meal though as opposed to a free day.  

  • You are experiencing exactly what Bill Phillips talks about in the book!!  He says something about how we will eventually not want those free days because it doesn't feel good.  You are on the right track!  Just know that it is there if you want it, but you don't "have" to do it.  Perhaps you could do a different kind of exercise instead of your prescribed work outs.

    I really enjoy my free days right now, but they are already getting less "intense".  My family uses that day to go out to restaurants, etc.