• All of my hard work has paid off!  I finally see changes!  The "roundness" is thinning down!  I have literally been trying to work very hard so I sweat every workout session and I have been going crazy over eating clean!  Finally I see the pay off and I am so happy!  Just the motivation I was looking for to keep me going!  Now I dont know if I want to take a free day!  Maybe just a free meal...?  :)

    <<HIGH FIVES HERE!>>  

    Hopefully will post pics later!  :) 

  • That is so great!! I am happy for you. Keep doing exactly what you have been doing. Its working!!

  • Way to go!  Keep it up, you can do this!

  • Yaay! Good for you! I'm singing that David Bowie song in your honor...ch-ch-ch-change-esss!

    To everyone who now has that song in your head: you're welcome.

  • Good work, keep going.