Weight gain during 1st week?

  • I know it's probably muscle, but I have gained about 4 or 5 pounds since I began and I want to scream!  I have been really sore from lunges, sit ups, running, etc... so my guess is that this is just muscle weight.... but I'm not sure!   I have been eating very clean, so-  I'm confused.  If this is muscle gain, how long before I start to see the direction change on the scale??        Any advice?  


  • Hmm, that is tough. I don't know if the body puts on that many pounds of muscle right away, so I would consider some oter possibilities. If you weren't very active prior to this week, it could be that the cardio and such was a shocker to the body and its caused you to retain water if you're not drinking a ton of it. Did you feel really spent after exercising? Like sweaty and worn out? I can tell when its water retention when I drink a bunch of water and then the next morning or so I wake up with this "deflated" feeling, like I was a balloon that had the air let out.

    I would also take a look at calories. I personally don't count calories regularly, but if I had an increase in weight I would look at how many calories I was roughly eating every day. There was a period where I felt like I wasn't losing weight like before, and I started being diligent about reading labels on food. Like with greek yogurt, the kind that isn't totally plain can pack on 26 grams of sugar, and that adds a ton of carbs. I was eating the flavored kind a lot at that time, so I switched to plain. Its yucky so I blend frozen blueberies and add those to make it better. Same goes for stuff like oatmeal, beverages other than diet soda/black coffee, and anything you add to food like salad dressing. You would hate for the efforts in the gym to be compromised by some over-looked honest lookin food choices.

    It helps if you write down everything you eat during the day, and jot down notes like "I am so hungry today even though I ate!" It really helps me. Even if I don't see a pattern, I showed my diet to a personal trainer at the local gym and they gave me some eye opening advice about the timing of my meals. Even though I ate authorized foods in appropriate portion, having the carbs later in the day was making me feel hungrier and giving me cravings-plus sleeping with a tummy full of carbs can be a hinderance to the weight loss.

    Hope this helps and way to go for getting through week one! It is the most difficult as far as soreness after workouts.

  • Wow. I have been eating a ton of flavored Greek yogurt thinking it was perfectly fine because of the amount of carbs and proteins!  :(.  I can take that out of my diet without too much trouble.  I think I'm going to take your advice and write everything down- which isn't too hard, I eat pretty much the same thing every day...  I also know some of it is water retention- I rarely drink water, but started gulping down a ton of it these last few days.

  • Greetings bye2babyfat,   The greek yogurt is ok, but be sure to watch out that the PB you use is the more natural one with less sugar and sodium.  Great as far as staying hydrated but I am a little concerned that working out Every day willnot give you the gains and losses you seek, not giving your system time to adjust loose and rebuild. I hope you are at least getting enough rest daily as that is also important to good results as well (something I struggle with every day of my program this time and last with my busy schedule). Remember the hand and fist measurement system to help out as well like Bill Phillips suggested. Keep Moving Forward!!!