• Starting weight 152lbs - Height 5 feet 2 inches.

    Day 47 into challenge - 134lbs!

    I have waited so long to be below 140lbs. I must have stepped on and off the scale 5 times to be sure it was not wrong.

    Feeling so inspired!

    Will post pictures on June 8th (my final day of challenge 1)!

  • Well done :)

  • Way to go,  great feeling isn't it!!!   How are your old clothes fitting you as well???

  • WOW!  Good job!  Thanks for posting this!  I'm nervous about starting the challenge on Monday so reading this is very encouraging to me! I'm 156 at 5'2" and really want good results!  It would be amazing to just see the 130's again! Curious, do you actually use your free days or keep to the program 100% of the time?

  • Thanks Chip and Bill! My clothes are loose, and looking so much more flattering.


    It is more than ok to be nervous, but acknowledge that feeling, and get over it. Once you develop a routine, it becomes natural. Eventually, it will become 2nd nature, and you wont even realize you are doing it. As for my free days, I got buck wild. Not exactly proud of that, and now that it is crunch time, I will be controlling myself, and having only one free meal. As for my workouts, I follow the program exact, but I usually do a silks, hot yoga, or cycle after work. I also hike on my free day, or try to spend it outside.