I'm not smarter than Bill Phillips: A Realisation

  • Its nice to know that I am not the only one who has has minor slips, I am preparing all food in the morning now, exercise...going from zero to a million, I can barely walk today but it still feels great!!!! :-)

  • Preperation is EVERYTHING diamondkitty! :)

    And today showed it for me, today was HARD!  I had no fruit and no almonds left at work, AND i forgot my yoghurt in the morning, and to pile it on my day was TERRIBLe.

    You just get into that cycle of anger and I thought some chips and a chocolate would fix it, but all it did was make me angrier.  BUT, despite my terrible food wobbles, I made it to the gym


    Seriously I was standing in front of the fridge for about 5 minutes trying to decide whether I should just give up now and start again on Monday...

    But that way leads to failure

    I gymmed, and I did good!

    Tomorrow, I am stopping at the supermarket on my way to work so I don't slip up again!

  • Day 12 and phew, made it!

    Had a great cardio workout, and because it was on a Friday night, it counts for double calories! (probably)

    Food wasn't amazing, as I slept in and didn't get to supermakret, but while a piece of chocolate was had, that was all, rest was brilliant.  Off day is tomorrow and I CANT WAIT!  

    Then looking forward to stocking up on Sunday for a FULL week on Monday!

  • Bumping this thread because I think it's so important.  You are absolutely right, the program works as designed.  When you give it an honest effort and follow Bill's guidelines faithfully, the results will be great.  Thanks for posting, this thread is a reminder we all need to remember.