Half Way Through 1st Challenge (pics)

  • OKKKKKAY took me a while because the picture upload option is broken....wont let you browse your computer and upload a pic (fyi moderators)

    Anyway, thanks Bikini_Bound for reminding me why I posted pix before. I truly want people to be inspired by what I have been able to accomplish by doing this program. I have a very twisted view of myself, I guess its called "body dysmorphia". So believe me, I am not fishing for compliments. I just want people to know they aren't stuck, wherever they are. All I ever wanted was to be seen as a fellow human being before I was seen as a fat person. The bigger I got, the more impossible that felt. I did not think I could do something like this. But now, I believe that anything is possible.

  • The coolest thing so far: I can't pinch any fat on my legs other than on the upper inner thigh. ANND my belly button no longer feels like a bottomless pit.

  • Hang in there you're halfway there and the best changes are yet to appear.   Way to Go Lil Caity!!!

  • Keep up the good work, will be at the end in no time!

  • you're doing such an awesome job!!! keep it up! =D

  • LiL Caity,

    Glad to see that you were able to finally upload your pics! Looking great - keep up the good work!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • Wow! You are certainly transforming!  The second half is where you will really see changes - way to go LiL Caity!

  • Thanks so much everybody! I don't know WHAT was with me that day, but I am over it. I feel awesome and so happy with what I have done over the last 6 weeks. And I really appreciate the encouragement, it really grounds my mental state overall. Helps me to see reality and not be so harsh on myself, and that is so imperative to my success.

  • You are such an inspiration!  You look soo good! I am starting tomorrow and can't wait! Keep posting ur pics as it is so inspiring to see the transformation!!! Keep it up you are doing awesome!!!

  • You look  great! How did you get it to work? Ive been trying for ages.

  • 1. I printed out all the worksheets for every day and write down everything I eat, every minute of my workout, and how it made me feel that day. I strive to reach a higher intensity at the gym and fix mistakes with what I eat.

    2. I follow the diet as best as I possibly can. Giving it my best means I missed meals when I felt flu symptoms and was sick to my stomach, and only eating stuff on the list, AND pairing protein with a carb no bigger than my fist. I swear the diet is the foundation. If you eat like it says, you will feel AWESOME. If you don't feel awesome doing this, it might be a good idea to go to the doctor and show them your notebook.

    3. I hit my 10s consistently. I bring my worksheet on a clipboard and write down my intensity, weight, level on eliptical/treadmill/stationary bike, minute by minute to make sure I am doing it right. I review what I have done, and when I am able to up the intensity or weight, I do. Because I folow the diet, I have so much stamina and can really push super hard! And cutting out stuff like white rice has really helped me not sabotage my efforts.

    Is there anything you might not be doing, or know you can do better? Because if you honestly could not do better it could be a physical problem that could be fixed or at least figured out by your doctor. I found out that a medication I was taking absolutely destroyed my hormones and once I told my doctor, I was able to get off it and was given a list of alternatives. I wouldn't have known if I wasn't doing this program. When you live THAT healthy and still feel awful, something aint right.

  • Lol lol lol sorry Lil Caity, I'm so dim , I meant how did u manage to put the photos on? I'd been trying for days, managed it now. Lol still taking on your advice though as your results are spectacular!!!!!!!! Xxxxx

  • Oh, haha! Thanks!

    I used paint to put my pictures together. I uploaded that to imgur.com. on the top of the text area, there is a button that looks like a little polaroid with a plus sign. Click that and you can upload a picture straight from your computer, or from a url. I went to the url and pasted it from imgur. I had to preview a couple times to make sure it worked, since the "browse" button for uploading straight from the computer wasn't working.

  • ok, I have not been on here for a little bit, but was SOOO happy and excited to see your pics! I am - once again - in a slumpy mood and should be going to the gym, but am completely avoiding it.  (I am literally dressed with sneakers and sports bra on) So because I am noticing this in myself, I am on BFL looking for reasons to get moving and looking at these pics and learning more about you has really given me that boost today.

    Thanks so, SO much.