Not hiding any more.

  • I'm in week 7, and finally, FINALLY starting to see some body changes.  I am not close to where I want to be yet, and I have accepted the fact that I will need to go beyond the 12 weeks to achieve my goals.  I have health problems, and I am over 50, so this has been a little slower than I wanted, but I am persevering.  But I wanted to share a little victory that surprised me and made me happy.

    Over the weekend, I attended a conference for my business, and one for my husbands business.  I felt confident in how I looked.  Do you have any idea how long it's been since I could say that?  Try 10 years.  I've been hiding in my house and at my place of business, NOT doing many of the things I should, like attending seminars, luncheons, networking workshops, Chamber events, client events, art openings, social events, etc., you get the idea.  Why? Because I hated the way I look.

    I feel as if, after 7 weeks, I am peeking out of a closed door.  And I can't wait until I can open the door completely!  I am wondering how many of you have done the same, hiding.  It's not living, it's existing, and BFL is the key to opening up that door.

  • Bravo,  I thought you would see results, it does take a little longer when you are in the age group I'm also in but it is well worth it.  Keep Moving FOrward!!!! and way to go!!

  • Way to go!  Just hang in there.  I keep hearing about the week 8 miracle, so can't wait to read what you experience.