• Hi everyone,


    I am on C1W10D4 and I have been doing really well, following to a T. The only thing is... I haven't lost a pant size yet. Shouldn't it have happened by now? My clothes that were tight on me before fit better now but I started at a size 10 and I feel like I should be at a 6 by the time I finish this. Can that all happen in the last two weeks?

  • Dancer

    I can't say that will happen, but I can say that most women see their biggest loses in the last 3-4 weeks of the challenge, some only in the last two weeks.  Just don't let up on your workouts because you are nearing the end of the challenge.  What are some of the other positive things happening?

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  • Compare your pictures!

    What changes do you see? What changes do others see?

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for the replies. I havent lost any poundage for the past 4 weeks. Since the beginning of the challenge I lost 6 lbs in the first 5 weeks. I went from 163-157. Like I said, my pants are looser on me but I still couldn't go down a size. I can tell my tummy is a little flatter and I know I am gaining muscle. Here is the thing though... my arms are more muscley but there is still fat around them and they actually look bigger than before I started.

    I am really sorry to complain as I know this is a positive site and experience but you have to understand I have had severe body issues my entire life... most of which I blame on my past as a dancer where I was consistently scrutinized no matter how thin I was. The sucky thing is I don't even have any pics to compare to because after I put on weight  have been so mortified of my body that i couldn't even let my husband see me with my shirt off to take the pictures.

    Of course I am still going to keep up with the challenge and this lifestyle simply because I know it is healthy but I am just so curious why everyone else goes form a 10 to a 4 and here I am stuck...

  • You are not alone.  C1W9 for me.  I've only lost 6lbs off the scale.  I started in a really tight 8 to the point I needed to go buy 10's.  I bought 1 pair of size 10 jeans and decided I needed to do something.  In 9 weeks I've just got comfortably back into my 8's but not yet into a 6.   I haven't lost any more inches or lbs since week 8 pics.  Yes I know it's only been one week but I've actually gained 1/2lb.  I have no doubt it will come off.  I am doing everything right.  You just have to remember this is a process and not a quick fix.  But in the end you'll have done it the right way and made changes that will stay with you for life....and not go right back to square 1 the first time you have a bad day and eat ice cream!   Hang in there!

  • Dancer-

    I started out at 203# in December, today around 175....was a tight 16 all the way til wk 6 or so, then I could button the 16's easier...wk 8 came, still the same...wk 10, 16's were getting looser so I tried the 14's, still had to suck in the gut, but I was like, "Come on already..." stuck with it and the last two weeks was able to put on 14's comfortably, went shopping with my daughters during my 2 wk rest, was trying on summer shorts...pulled 12's and 14's off the rack...the 12's fit!! So now I'm in 12's and still seeing changes.

    So my changes I guess happened in wk 11 and up....Stick with it and tell your brain that you are going to do this thing!!

    Hope this helps! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Debbie and Heather thank you so much for your words! It definitely helps to know other have been/are in the same boat with you. I will continue to be patient and I plan on keeping this up forever as it definitely makes me at least FEEL more healthy! Don't know what I would do without this board! Thank you so much for the encouragement!

  • Dancer-keep coming here for the support and encouragement, it is wonderful!! :) One day at a time, lady! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Dancer-

    As for your arms, I had the same problem and asked a personal trainer I went to school with why after weight lifting, my arms looked bigger than before. He told me that muscle build underneath fat, and once the muscle is established, it makes room for itself by pushing the fat away, hence the bigger look. As you keep working your muscle, that fat will burn right off by fueling your muscles.

    Keep going!!

    You will see results!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Incredibly discouraged... So, I am now in week 11 with still no change. My pants were actually tight on me today... I am getting period next Tuesday but I don't think that has anything to do with it. I have been so on point this whole time I am so disappointed that it isn't working for me. Its almost like I am building all of these muscles and my fat just doesn't budge so now I am even bigger... oh well.

    Sorry for the debbie downer post.

  • It can definitely have something to do with water weight.... also I would try to switch up your work outs.... If you are repetitively for 11 weeks working out the same way you will grow a kind of immunity if you want to say... you have to surprise your muscles again to make your body start effectively burn the fat dont give up!!!! it sounds like you have made great progress and that you really need to break out of the rut your body is in....then it will burn off fat again......are you using really high weights? i use lower weights not 3 lbs or anything but ranging from 5- 20lbs... dont be disappointed in yourself be proud and look to the future... make some differnt goals to attain and keep your cardio effective.. very important and maybe even try to revamp your eating habits.... the important thing is to break free from stalling or ruts and do it in accordance to the program... I hope that helps keep me posted!!!!!! and SMILE!!!!!!!!!It will all be ok.....


  • Try2bfit75,

    Thank you so much for your words. I think you are right I must be in some kind of a rut... I did cardio on a different machine and i did my UBWO using machines today instead of free weights. I have been lifting rather heavy. Actually, I can curl a 25lb dumbbell now which is a little scary... my biceps are getting really big (yikes).

    Hopefully it will start to come off in the next week and a half, if not i will probably keep eating this way and have my husband write out a new work out style for me for the future. How are you doing in your challenge?

  • I am doing well ... i think.... i am c1w3d1. i have seen slight changes which i am happy on .... i am truly excited.....I can imagine curling 25 lbs that you may bulk up a touch.... thats not a bad thing though cuz tweeking will melt the fat... i am so happy for this site also... and folks like you are such an encouragement...... thankyou for asking how its going.. i hope I have fab results to report as time goes on.....


  • I come here for positive people & attitudes. But it's great to hear real people with real concerns.

    I'm in C1W4 and really like to hear how people are really doing - good & not so good. It's good to know that all people respond differently and that there sometimes is a struggle. It's better to not have expectations so high thinking we will all be a size 6 at the end of 12 weeks only to be disappointed. I'm hoping to go from a tight 14 to a comfortable 12 and MAYBE a 10. But it may take more than 1 cycle. I just hold on to the belief that I'm making my health & fitness a priority in my life and giving it my all and my body will sometimes be a slow responder but I 'm certainly not doing any harm!

    I'm sorry your feeling discouraged Dancer and I hope your body rewards all your efforts soon! Tyr2bfit75 had great helpful tips, I hope they help! Your words inspired me to not be so hard on myself and my progress.



    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • 25lbs?  DAMN!  I thought I was doing good with 20lbs on my set of 6...and that's a struggle! :)