Week 6: Discouraged.

  • Hi All.   I am feeling somewhat discouraged.  Halfway through and I've only lost a few pounds, and an inch each on both hips and waist.  I know it's progress, but there is that inclination to feel as though "It's not working."  I've been trying to cling to the notion of the 8 week miracle, but I really thought I'd see bigger changes by now.

    Perhaps someone will have some encouragement for me.  I won't quit, but I do feel my confidence slipping, and that usually leads to missing workouts and getting lax with the diet.

    I have not missed a work out, even on week 4 when my back went out.  I continued on with less intensity, and then bumped it back up the next week, when I was feeling better.  My food intake has been correct, I think.  Usually under 1200 calories a day, with balanced protein and carbs, fat grams under 30.  One day per week, I jump the caloric intake up to 1400-1500, just to shake things up a bit. 

    A little about me:  I am 51, and  have about 30 pounds to lose from the day I started.   I know things slow down when you're older.  I've not had any thyroid tests, but I suppose that could be an issue. 

    I do have difficulty drinking all the water.  Most days, I can only manage to drink 8 rather than the recommended 10. 

    My biggest frustration is seeing people on other programs, such as WW or Atkins boasting 10-15 lbs lost by this time.  I'm here working my butt off, and not losing much of anything.

    Any helpful encouragement?  Please?

  • Greetings flygirl,  By all means don't give up the ship yet.  Many more dramatic results in losses and gains of muscle sometimes will not appear until t he 8th week or later.  The scale is just one of many tools  for measurement in this matter, the fact that your clothes fit differently is a definate plus in this way. Drinking the water is tough, but necessary to flush the system and provide a more full feeling before and at mealtimes, it know that it is difficult but you have to try to get those additional two glasses in somehow , even if you have to put a no cal flavoring into them. Also remember that while you are losing body fat you are probably gaining some muscle which weighs much more than the fat which is something some of the other programs may not be doing for their participants.  Keep MOving Forward and have faith!!!

  • Thank you WPBill.  I don't have a natural thirst, but if you think the water is that important, I will make it happen.  ANYthing, to get things moving forward.

  • Hang in there. I'm a 50-ish ;-) guy and just 3 weeks in and I don't see any difference. I tend not to ever weigh myself which is good and bad. I don't know if I'm making progress weight wise. But I'm not discouraged either b/c I feel better and I'm enjoying the workouts so my weight is of no consequence.

    Make sure you have a bottle of water during your workout and and take a drink after every rep. That's likely 16-24 ounces right there. I keep one by my bed as well - when I'm reading at night I'll take some sips. And in the morning it's right there and I drink some immediately when I wake.

    Just keep picturing how good you'l look on the beach this summer - that's what I'm doing.

  • To My One And Only Teammate,

    The 1st thing I want to tell you is about Atkins.  I have done it and had great success losing weight.  In fact, I lost about 60lbs two years ago doing Atkins.  However....  When I stopped doing Atkins and resumed eating normally (because I felt so bad) I gained back 70lbs.  Also, from being in ketosis for so long I got kidney stones.  Also....  My doctor had to put me on cholesterol medication because of all the meat and cheese and high fat foods I was eating.  So...  It is effective for weight loss, but is the long term cost worth it.  Not for me.  This time I'm doing this right and getting my Body For Life!

    Look at the before and after pics of the people doing WW and Atkins.  Compare those to the before and after pics you see on the BFL website.  Which ones look better?  I think the BFL pics are better hands down!  We are doing the right things here.  This is the healthy way.  It is going to work for you.  Just keep up the good work and you will have the transformation that you want.  Even if it doesn't happen right away I'm sure if you keep up with the program it WILL happen.  

    Also, someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, but being under 1200 calories seems a little too low.  That could be the problem.  Your body may think it's starving and be unwilling to give up the fat.

    You are showing progress. Don't give up!


  • Thanks Threadstone.  The beach is one of my biggest motivators!!  We live in a beautiful little town that sits on Lake Michigan. Gorgeous beaches here, and one of my very favorite places to be.  I'll try harder with the water, and see if it helps.

    Justin, thanks for the boost.  My BIL did Atkins a couple times and it really grossed me out watching him mow down plates of bacon. Even after losing the weight, and he lost it quickly, he still looked pasty.  He's since gained it all back and more.   I never had much interest in that program.  

    I've done WW, and it does work, but I have yet to see someone who doesn't gain it all back.  Many people gain more than before.  Just feeling a little jealous of progress.  

    The reason I wanted to do BFL is because it is only 12 weeks, and I can do anything for only 12 weeks, but if something doesn't happen soon, I'll be extending that 12 weeks.   Also, I wanted to get ripped!!!  That doesn't happen on WW.

    Fortunately, I love lifting weights.  I just have to believe the results will come..................

    I don't know about the 1200 calories???  Anyone else want to comment on that?   (I'm freaking out as it is, can't imagine eating more food.)

  • I don't really count calories, but my meals are around 250-300, and so I would estimate daily intake about 1800 calories. 1200 does seem low to me.

    Please don't lose hope, the results will come. I just finished week six, and I have been feeling discouraged about lack of weight loss too. But....I remind myself I felt the same way during my last challenge, and that turned out pretty well :) In fact, I only lost 10 lbs of scale weight last time, my body just completely changed shape, like slowly being shrink wrapped (went from size 12 to size 8). Keep in mind, the 30 lbs you want to lose WILL NOT translate to 30lbs on the scale with BFL.

    The last third of the challenge is where most of the physical and mental changes take place, and it is so worth the wait!


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Women 18-29

  • Stay true to the schedule!  It's common when somone gets discouraged to miss a workout here or there and cheat a little on the eating.  Don't do it.  Stay consistent and keep pushing hard, good things will happen.  The 1200 calories is pretty low depending on your height.  You don't want your metabolism slowing down because you're not eating enough.  Forget the calories and concentrate on 6 meals with good foods and correct portion sizes.  You can do this!

  • If my calories are too low, what will happen if I increase ?  Won't I gain weight?

  • BTW thanks very much to Melissa and Dave.  I pay attention to every tidbit and I will keep trying.  

    Maybe I need to try to work out harder.  I thought I was doing enough, but maybe I could bump it up a little.

  • No problem! Do you feel like you are really hitting your "10s" in your workouts? I think that is the most important. When I lift, I definitely hit muscle failure, and with cardio, I describe 10 as "running from zombies" intensity lol. I think you are on the right track, just stay the course. And also, you have to ingest 3500 calories more than you use to gain 1 lb, so bumping up your intake by a few hundred calories of clean food would be unlikely to make you gain, in my opinion.


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Women 18-29

  • Yeah my first thought was that 1200 calories just isn't nearly enough. I know it is scary to take in more, I have been there. But until you take in the fuel your body needs, you will feel like you're on a crash diet and not get the full body for life experience. Eventually your hunger will take over and avoiding a calorie overload will be almost impossible to resist. Try upping the food intake gradually over a week, it will soften the bloated hangover feeling from eating more all of a sudden.

    Honestly I did gain weight when I ate the normal healthy amount after restricting calories. But it is coming off really fast because my body is fueled enough to max out every workout. I feel so much happier and have more energy. I tried to workout while eating less and I just couldn't push as hard as I felt I should be capable of, I just lost the physical stamina too quickly. The 10 I felt then was like "omg I have no more energy left to go on". The 10 I feel today is surged with energy while I am hitting a limit that I truly thought was impossible.

    You can do this, just don't be afraid if you gain a little weight from eating more. I promise it will be very short lived and by the end you will lose more than you would by going on with less calories. I don't count the calories, I just eat exactly like the sample meal plans in the book. I crave more water by eating this way too. I thought it would be hard o drink that much h20 but I really feel like I need that much. Its a good indicator that I am following it the way it was meant, too.

  • Okay, I sure appreciate the support. I took the weekend off. I didn't intend to, but my husband and I were attending business conferences over the weekend. I carefully planned to take my free day on Saturday, and then Sunday, do cardio in the hotel gym. However, with the time change, we overslept and there wasn't time. So I took a second free day even tho I should have just stuck to the food program. BUT I think it was a blessing in disguise!

    By Sunday night I felt awful and was craving the light food and exercise on my program. During the busyness of the conferences, I got dehydrated too. The entire weekend left me anxious to get back to my routine! One more thing, I could actually see a difference in my hips this weekend. I don't know if it was different clothes or why it wasn't evident to me before, but I could really notice it this weekend. It gave me some confidence that I haven't had for awhile.

    So I have a renewed spirit, and I kept your words in my mind all weekend. My upper body workout felt so good today, and I worked it harder than I thought I could. Melissa's  words"muscle failure" kept resounding in my head, and after the workout my arms were pretty shaky. But I felt sure that I had reached a 10.

    I'm doing this! And after only a weekend without it, I know I can make this my routine for life!

    Thanks so much for the support!!

  • Oh and also, I will be drinking ALL the water too. I'm increasing my calories a little each day, altho that makes me nervous! But I'm trying it to see what happens.

  • Don't get discouraged.  And your calories are not low.  It is a myth that the body will start holding on to fat if you are eating low calories.  This only happens when you are extremily lean like under 6% for guys and 12% for women.  The body will still continue to lose fat, but you are in real danger of losing lean body mass.  If you have 30lbs to lose then you are in no way going to run in to this problem. In fact, it has been shown in recent research that you could stop eating for many days and you will not lose any lbm or have any detrimental effects. If you are not losing weight, then you are eating too much there is no way around that.  Often times we eat more than we think we are.  I would say weigh everything and enter it in to a food database for a while, until you can get a firm grasp on how many calories you are eating.  According to Bill Philips a portion is roughly 100-150 calories.  So if you have a portion of carbs and a portion of protein then you are eating 200-300 calories a meal which is 1200-1800 calories for the day.  A woman with small hands would be closer to the 1200 calorie mark.  

    Some people will argue that you need to eat more.  This can work, only because you may find yourself with more energy and therefore more active which burns more calories.  However, if you are eating low calories and are not feeling lethargic and are able to get through your workouts, then stay at the low calories or eat a little lower.  Your have to tap in to your fat stores in order to lose weight.  If you are not losing weight, then you are eating at maintanance and you have to go a little lower.  Just listen to your body.

    Drink lots of water and that will help with hunger if that becomes an issue.