My transformation in 12 weeks...I feel great!!

  • bfl before.jpg
    Here are the before & after photos & stats..Before = Dec 5, 2012 & After = Feb 25, 2013 (12 weeks)

    BODY FAT % Before = 30.2
    BODY FAT % Aftter = 19.6 for a loss od 10.6%

    FAT MASS Before = 60.7 lbs
    FAT MASS After = 36.5 lbs for a loss of 24 lbs of FAT!

    FAT FREE MASS Before = 140.5 lbs
    FAT FREE MASS After = 149.2 lbs for a gain of 8.6 lbs of MUSCLE!

    Body Weight Before = 201.2
    Body Weight After = 185.6 lbs for a loss of 15.6 lbs

    I am very pleased with these results and see me keepin it goin! It's amazing what you can do in 12 short weeks when you put your mind to it...Take Care & Stay Safe, Craig B...:):)
  • Dang!  This should probably say "not safe for work" ;-)  You look awesome--great job!!!

  • Congrats, that's a hell of a transformation.

    At the end of week 7 nearly myself, hope I have as good results.

  • Awesome job!  You look younger too!!!

  • Thanks for the kind words..Mush appreciated..:)

  • Nice work!!

  • You really do look about 10 years younger.  Way to go man!

  • Is it inappropriate on a forum like this to say "wow?" and "hot?"  @.@  I'm in a different group, but this is inspirational.

  • Totally appropriate..A 43 year old man would never turn down a compliment like that...Thanks all for the kind words..I plan to keep it going and post another 12 week update in late May..I'm looking to get down to at least 15% body fat, so I still have work to do, but it is going well...Take Care & Stay Safe..Craig

  • Awesome job. That should get some people MOTIVATED!

  • Oh my god you look about 20 years younger! Amazing! Well done!

  • Very well done!!!  Your transformation is one of the best I've seen in awhile.  Can't imagine how you'll look after your next challenge.  Keep up the fantastic work!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thanks again all for the support,,BDMom...I see you r no stranger to the bfl way of life...Awesome!

  • Way to Go,  You made some serious progress and it really shows.  Keep Moving Forward in your efforts. Your transformation is an inspiration to all of us.  

  • Really nice work.  I'm about 2 weeks behind you, and basically the same weight.  Started at 5'10" 206lbs, down to about 190 now.  Your after pics are great.  How tall are you?  I don't feel that I'm nearly as muscular as you look.  Definitely hope to see results like those!