Body fat not budging much - extra cardio?

  • Have any of you successful BFL'ers added a bit of extra cardio? I'm a 45 yr old female. On week 7 of BFL. Did BFL in 2006 and got down to about 25% body fat. Started this challenge at 30% body fat but stuck at 28% now for a few weeks. I push the strength and cardio workouts HARD. My 9's are true 9's in cardio, as are my 10's. I am small boned and genetically, my family's fat% is high, however I was always the skinnier one mostly because I am way more active than the rest of my family. My eating is 90% on target. I don't go overly crazy on free day but I do indulge some  to help reset my metabolism. I dream of hitting even 25% body fat. I know I have great muscle under the fat. I have been tempted to up the cardio - even to just add a day of a longer run (I do want to run more 5k's this spring/summer). In the past working with a very successful trainer in the area, she felt I needed ALOT more cardio than BFL recommends. More intervals and sessions running more like 45 mins. vs. 20 or 30. I had success doing this (again, getting to about 26% body fat). Am I just "too old" to get below?? I am PAST menopause if that makes any difference - still get some hot flashes but haven't had a period in over 2 yrs - my doc says I had it easy, and my Mom had early menopause too...(sorry if TMI but I know hormones can cause women to hold onto fat at this age) I ride my horses a few times per week but in winter it's down to about once a week. It is exercise and I don't just putz around. I jump and train and a good one hour session in the arena can burn 300+ cals. So I know that will help when the weather warms up. On cardio days I do end my HIIT with a 5 minute cool down walk or stationary bike. My HR stays moves from high to about 120's before I stop. My clothes are looser at week 7, scale is down about  5 lbs. I may just need to give it more time and maybe I'll turn a corner for BF reduction soon but it's frustrating. Any advice? When the weather warms up I will add in some walks (some neighbor ladies and I walk a few mornings a week). Would love to hear from some women who were "stuck" with BF reduction and successfully dropped into low 20's (or lower). Thanks so much!

  • I have read many posts on the forum that seem to indicate that women tend to see the most difference after week 8.  There is a great article about it (I can't find the link but I'll keep looking).  

    Hang in there!

  • Here it is!

    Hope it helps.

  • tpup - I started BFL at age 48 a couple of years ago.  No you are not too old!  Stick to the program as written.  You'll get there.  You are in the last few weeks so if you'll recall from having completed 12 weeks before, it will come.  Also, I'm not sure what you are using to calculate your bodyfat but most over the counter or website devices out there aren't very accurate.  If you look and feel great then I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you are planning to compete in some sort of athletic event.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi,

    One thing that seems to be understated is daily water requirement. Please try to drink a minimum of one gallon per day. I know that may be difficult but it will stimulate the fat cells to release fat. Also, there are differing schools of thought on caffeine. I suggest you cut it out of your diet. You can research both of these points for yourself.

    Keep Going!!

  • Oh, tpup ... my heart sank when i read this post.  I am feeling the same way and was looking to post a similar question.  Is it ironic that we happen to have this same issue??  I am so proud of myself that I am sticking to the program (diet and exercise), but so heartbroken that almost the end of week 7, i don't see/feel any different.  I have been rather active for the past five years or so, so i don't feel this huge rush of energy and strength.  i lost a few inches and pounds at week 4, and that i am happy about, but now it is nearing the end of w7 ... i am starting to grow weary with no noticable results (those few inches/pounds are not noticiable).  

    I am upping my cardio just a tad.  i do one extra session a week.  I am also doing abs 6 days a week and if I have a little time, i am doing an extra set of whatever during strength.  

    I believe in the program - this site is bursting with evidence - I just don't believe in my body.  Any way, I've read and re-read the women's 8 week miracle entries and am hoping that week 8 or 9 pays off for me.  I am in the pits.  Ugh.

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  • Hi Tri-Tri! You too?? Soooo frustrating I know. :) I do wonder if soon, our muscle will start burning more calories and we will turn that corner. Would make sense. My clothes are looser. I do know I need to drink more water. I forget to when I am really busy. Also, having to use the bathroom so many times during the day is a PAIN when I am on the road. But I do need to drink more. Many seem to think it really does help to burn fat. I have changed up my cardio. Instead of just sprinting my 9's and 10's on the TM, I hop off and do things like high knees, squat thrusts, jumping jacks and really push my body. I think my body as adapts easily and I need to mix things up more. I also added 5 more intervals to my cardio yesterday. 30 second sprint to one min. walk - 5 of them to keep burning more fat. We'll see if the tweaks help! I have been doing the same cardio on the TM for 7 wks now...while my 10's feel like 10's I don't think the constant running is doing it. I remember my old trainer had me doing calisthenics for a min. or two between strength sets to up the fat burn and it did work for me back then. Let's keep plugging away!! Hopefully results will be just around the 8 wk corner.

  • Hey tpup, i sent you a private message.  

    Also, I just peeked ahead to the Week 8 challenge message and, for me, it made so much sense.  Yes, we've read the Ladies Jornal and those Week 8 miracles and it is awesome, but go and read the Week 8 message, it connects the dots why.  Anyway, for me, it just really gave me a boost !!!  

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