Justacetoday Accountability Log

  • Week5Day2- only 26 cardio, 13 UBWO, 11 LBWO to go

    NOTES: Got in a GREAT cardio session! Was finally feeling back up to strength and pushed it hard. Finished up with abs and a session of the running program. I'm starting to be able to run farther!

    My guilty little secret....we got rid of TV a couple of years ago and only watch TV through Netflix or Hulu (the Disney channel was making our daughter into a monster...). I am a huge sci-fi fan but we don't get the Syfy channel anymore buuuuut............... the cardio machines have the SyFy channel! I've started looking forward to cardio so I can catch up...lol. Hey, I'll take my victories where I can get them! Who knows, it just might make me extend my cardio sessions a little longer...

    53 days to go!

    *20 mins HIIT cardio, up to 5.0

    * 5 sets of abs on the ab crunch bench

    * 20 mins of Week 2 of running program


    9:30 #1- 2 cheese sticks, 1 apple

    12:00 #2- 4 HB eggs, 2 yolks, 1 orange

    2:30 #3- protein shake (not sure about french vanilla, tastes like a vanilla candle)

    4:30 #4- lowfat cottage cheese, greek yogurt

    6:30 #5- 1 slice ww bread, deli ham, 1 lite cheese stick, mustard

    10:00 #6- lowfat cottage cheese, sliced strawberries with truvia

    1 gallon  water

  • Look at you, nearly half way done, amazing job!!

    Are you noticing differences in your weight and/or inches?

    I asked you before about your preparation, which was amazing by the way.  Have you felt the need to make adjustments at all?

    Good Job!