Justacetoday Accountability Log

  • I have seen several of these logs posted and hope it will keep me accountable too. Started the Challenge today, three words....so....very....tired. This is the heaviest and most out of shape I have ever been...:(


    1) lose 35 lbs of scale weight

    2) fit into a size 16 comfortably (drop 6 sizes)

    3) able to run a 5k without stopping (am working through the personal running trainer program with my daughter 3x/week)


    Week1Day1- Starting weight 252 lbs/size 22 womens

    *ran-walked 1 mile (Week1/Day1-personal running trainer) 

    *LBWO- hits some 10s, have to adjust weights in several exercises next time to hit all 10s


    10am  #1-protein shake

    12pm  #2-pouch of water packed tuna, cherry tomatoes, 1 apple

    3pm    #3-4 HB egg whites/1 yolk, 1 orange

    5pm    #4-protein shake

    6:30pm #5- protein shake

    8:30pm  #6- roast chicken, green beans, small sweet potato


    Water- 1 gallon plus 1 32 oz water bottle

    Need to make sure I'm getting the correct amounts of protein and carbs at each meal, try to space meals out correctly.

    On to tomorrow- 83 days to go!




  • Hello and welcome Justacetoday!

    I noticed we have started our challenges at the same time.  This forum is a wonderful tool and the people are super supportive.  Take it one day at a time and by the looks of your first day, you have done awesome!! So proud of you for making the step to a fitter, happier you! :)

    I look forward to following your progress


  • Thank so much! I normally am a lurker but figured I needed to step out of my comfort zone with this to see it through. I love BC by the way, Vancouver is one of my most favorite places...:)

  • Week1Day2- three more words, so....very....SORE!  had to do a PM workout, the timing of meals got off a bit off

    NOTES: work harder on cardio next time- probably hit an 8-9 this time.

    REMEMBER: there are ONLY 36 cardio, 18 UBWO, and 18 LBWO in these next 12 weeks. Make EVERY ONE COUNT!

    82 days to go!

    *cardio- HIIT/20 mins



    10:30 #1-protein shake

    12:30 #2- water packed tuna pouch, 1 HB egg, cherry tomatoes, 1 apple

    2:30 #3- protein shake

    6:30 #4- greek yogurt, lowfat cottage cheese

    8:30 #5- grilled turkey burger, tomatoes, slice of avocado, steamed broccoli, small sweet potato

    10:30 #6- protein shake

    Water- 1 gallon

  • Way to go Justacetoday!  I think your name says it all!  Take it one meal at a time!!  Do your best and you will feel better in mind and body!   May I suggest you looking for the Eating for Life Cookbook?  I bought it used on Amazon.  It has simple to prepare, delicious meals, snacks and desserts.  It could help you spice up those meals!  

  • Nice work Justacetoday!!  I love how you count down your workouts!  You have an awesome mantra - Make every workout count!  So true :)

    Dilly05 makes a great recommendation with the eating for life cookbook.  I also have a copy.  It's something to consider for sure.

    Keep it up!


  • Dilly05- thanks so much for the encouragement! I do have the Eating for Life book....:). I thought I might get in the groove with workouts. eating schedule, etc before branching out. It's a lot to process! I'm not bored with the meals yet but when I start to get there, the recipes in the book look great!

    Jadetrix- the countdown made me up my weights on my UBWO tonight- cause there are only 18 you know! Thanks!

  • Week1Day3- only 35 cardio, 17 UBWO, 17 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: upped the weight to more than I thought I could do, was pleasantly surprised I could actually do it! woohoo. Meals are easier than I thought they would be so far. Not really craving as long as I eat every 2-3 hours. Had to PM workout again- ice with school delays this morning. I'd much rather do it in the morning, had to go in at 8pm to get it done and hold dinner until later but I did it. That is actually positive as before if something threw my routine off I would throw in the towel and grab a pizza cause it was easier. I'm celebrating baby steps.

    81 days to go!

    *UBWO- hit 10s

    *no running b/c of ice

    Meals- watch timing of meals

    9:30 #1- lowfat cottage cheese, greek yogurt

    12:00 #2- tuna pouch, cherry tomatoes, 1 HB egg, apple

    4:00 #3- protein shake

    6:30 #4- 4 hb eggs, 1 1/2 yolks, 1 orange

    9:30 #5- grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, small sweet potato (I am so loving sweet potatoes!)

    11:30 #6- protein shake

    Water- 1 gallon plus 32 oz bottle

  • Week1Day4- only 34 cardio, 17 UBWO, 17 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: switched from elliptical to treadmill to attempt to run for cardio today, had originally decided to avoid the treadmill for a while until I got some conditioning so I wouldn't embarrass myself too badly but there were 2 people in the gym so why not- after all, only had 35 cardio left to go, so they should all count as much as they can, right? Forget "10", it was at least a "15"- I was so red I looked like I had been boiled. Will aim for that intensity on cardio days from now on.

    80 days to go!

    *Cardio- treadmill, up to 5mph for a few seconds



    10:00 #1- lowfat cottage cheese, greek yogurt

    12:00 #2- water packed tuna pouch, 1 slice ww bread, cherry tomatoes, 1 HB egg

    4:00 #3- protein shake

    6:00 #4- 4 hb eggs, 1 1/2 yolks, 1 apple

    8:00 #5- turkey burger, small sweet potato, steamed squash, slice avocado, tomatoes, red onion

    11:30 #6- protein shake

    Water- 1 gallon

  • Wow, that's great!

  • Way to go Justacetoday!!

    Good for you for switching things up and trying to push yourself a little harder and not throwing in the towel.  You have worked so hard thus far, remember what you have already accomplished!

    Whenever I go to do my workout I think of your mantra "make every workout count" ~ your only going to get out what you put in!! So thanks for the wonderful encouragement! :)

    Cheers :)


  • Ljyee296775- it is great, isn't it??? Thanks!

    Lohnny- thanks SO much for YOUR encouragement- you have no idea how much it means to me...:) How is your challenge going?

  • Week1Day5- only 34 cardio, 17 UBWO, 16 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: added a 5 min jog on the treadmill to warm up and a 5 min cool down jog (hubby is doing this with me and he suggested it- he is amazing support, actually he is just amazing period). Running on the treadmill is so much easier than running outside. Have been sooo tired in the morning, worked out after work-its growing on me although I'm shooting for AM workouts. We have dinner with a friend visiting from out of town tomorrow so Saturday is now free day instead of Sunday. We have made a list on the fridge with free day food possibilities- our daughter is having fun joining us on this- she eats what we eat for dinner and has had no complaints so she is looking forward to enjoying free day too. Hard to believe almost through the first week with no slipups- sooooo not me! But maybe it is the new me...:)

    79 days to go- amazing in the 70s already!

    PM workout

    *Jog- 5 min warm up

    *LBWO- still upping weights to find my 10s

    *Jog- 5 min cool down

    Meals- watch spacing of meals

    10:00 #1- lowfat cottage cheese, greek yogurt

    12:30 #2- water packed tuna pouch, 1 slice ww bread, red onion

    4:00 #3- protein shake

    6:30 #4- protein shake, 1/2 banana added (note: no more bananas)

    7:30 #5- lite cheese stick, small orange

    8:30 #5- grilled chicken breast, small sweet potato, steamed broccoli, red onion and green pepper sauteed in small amount of olive oil

    Water- almost 1 gallon

  • Good Morning Justacetoday :)

    I get how important it is so have support, especially from your family.  It sounds like your family is on-board with your BFL challenge, which is so wonderful!! :)  See how much you have inspired people around you!

    My challenge is going very well thank you for asking.  I have a thread under "getting started", that I try to add something to every day or so.

    A new you?  Sounds like a transformation is happening ;)

    You Go Girl!! ***two thumbs up***


  • Week1Day6- only 34 cardio, 17 UBWO, 16 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: First free day! Not what I expected it to be. I didn't go crazy on it like I thought I would, got too full here and there and was pretty much DONE with food by the end of the day...ugh. was really thirsty all day, keep drinking my water although not the gallon.

    78 days to go!

    No workout- free day- a nice break

    Meals- spacing between meals was crazy, 2 hours after breakfast I was hungry (a bfl trained stomach??), barely ate dinner b/c I was so full from lunch, went to bed feeling like I had a brick in my stomach- ready to get back to eating BFL

    10am Breakfast- 1 waffle and syrup, 2 slices bacon

    4pm Lunch- my fave Mexican- sweet tea, salsa, guacamole and chips, 3 mini smoked fish taquitos, sirloin/onion soft tacos (didn't finish them)

    7:30pm Dinner- greek restaurant with friends- part of a greek side salad, a little hummus, 3 pita triangle wedges, 1 falafel, 2 spanakopita, a little eggplant, 1/2 piece of really amazing chocolate cake...:)