Females over 200lbs

  • Are there any females over 200lbs in the challenge?  I looked at the past champs and no e seemed to have as much weight to lose as I do.  I started at 215 at 5 ft 4.

  • Hi Rodecham.  I am on day 10 and started at 201lb.  I agree, there aren't many big folks in the success photos, but you can find them within these threads.  What day or week are you on?  

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  • I just started 3 days ago.  I'd started many times before but never got this far lol.  

  • I was wondering the same thing. Because I am at 315 lbs right now.

  • I haven't seen anyone that was over 200 other than Tri-Tri-Again above.  It would be nice to see others that have more weight to lose. I hope to drop about 40 during my challenge. I lost 80lbs since 2006 and just need to get rid of this last bit!!

  • well rodecham, I wish you the best of luck!

  • It looks like there are a few of us.  Maybe some are just keeping quiet about it, and that's ok.  I think we should keep chatting on here to keep each other motivated!!  I can't believe that I am almost at the end of week 2.  I know that is still the beginning of the program, but nonetheless, I am excited.  How about y'all?  What week are you all in??   =)

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  • You are probably right.  In my own personal experience I have lost 80lbs. I wasn't able to do so until I accepted it (the weight).  I got to the point of writing on the whiteboard in my work cubicle!!! Whenever I lost some weight, I scratched out the prev. Weight and wrote the new one below.  Acceptance is freeing and people really admire it when you freely tell your weight (age too lol I'm 38.5 btw). Even though this is pretty anonymous I think posting weights is helpful.  

  • LOL!  I'm also 38.  I lost 100lb over the last five or so years ... these last 40-50 are so hard to lose!  I'm under 200lb now (barely) at 198, but i hope to see that number continue to drop with this program.  

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  • Aahh you know my pain then. We've got some things in common!  I can't wait to get under 200... I have actually gotten there before to 170 but then I started forgetting that I had a tendency to gain wait and blooooop they came right back on.

    I have lost 3 lbs this week but I am scared to get on that scale again too soon.

  • Guess I can join this club now. :) Bought a new scale. My old analog scale said I was 192. I bought a new weight watchers digital scale today and it says 201.6. I just started this week, so I am figuring I was 203 or more when I started this week.(The analog scale said I lost two pounds.) I haven't weighed this much since the first unofficial challenge I did back in 2006 where I lost 30 lbs. I am glad I found other ladies who are on the same path. :)

  • Welcome!  Let's get under 200 and stay there!  Well away from it.  LOL  

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  • I started at 209lbs and I'm 5'7".  You can check my profile for my story but there is at least one champion that I know for sure that started at 300lbs.  Her story does mention that but her before photo does not show her at that size.  Check out Michelle Simpson's Success StoryAlso you can listen to her talk about her transformation.  You will be inspired.  Good luck!

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  • Ibmissy - You'd be better off with a tape measure and measure weekly.  Use the scale only every 3-4 weeks.  You'll feel better about your progress.  Also pay attention to how you feel.  Do not let that scale over rule the obvious progress you will make.

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  • Wow!  That was inspiring!  (Michelle Simpson).  Thanks for sharing!  Also, good advise below about measuring weekly and weighing monthly.  =)

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