scale going the opposite direction

  • Hello! I have been on the BFL for about 4 weeks now and I am starting to see a lot of progress in my arms, abs, a bit in my legs. I feel good, and none of my clothes are getting tighter. I think my biggest worry is that the scale is only going up- not too significantly, only about 3-4 lbs but only UP! I noticed when a lot of women complete the challenge they have lost lbs so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong...

    My workouts are intense and I know I'm pushing myself to my "10s". My diet is very "by-the-book". Every now and then I'll have a tiny piece of chocolate after lunch but never over indulge on anything. Free days are pretty normal.

    Did anybody have a long wait before the scale went in the other direction? All input is appreciated!

  • Lizzie, Have you read the Lady Success document? It's on the last page in the media gallery. It's very motivating.