Free day...

  • Do you go for it? Do you KIND OF have a free day? Do you have a free MEAL? I know the book reccomends just as it is.. a free day. Eat what you want, rest.  Unfortunatly, in the past I used to free day to binge, not just eat a plateof fries and be done with it. I think this time around I will eat the foods I want, but still control portions to a reasonable amount.


    What do YOU do with your free day?

  • I personally would dive in to whatever I wanted. I did the challenge in 11 years ago, 1 divorce later I had to do it all over again and still have to go another round of 12 weeks so I have been a friend of many free days to start.

    I know the first 4-6 weeks I could eat a small town out of food. I didn't hold back at all. It is a "FREE" day when you can give your body all it wants so you don't feel like you can't have things. By week 6-8 my free days were not so much days I had to eat it all anymore and my taste in food had dramatically changed. I could taste the grease in food, my free day was chips and salsa, and ice cream this week... but I ate the whole bag of tortilla chips and a HUGE bowl of ice cream.

    It was meant to be a "FREE" day, I say don't reinvent the wheel. Why make an easy plan into something you have to think about even on your day off?

    I also want to mention that a friend who is participating in the challenge with me follows the "if I don't use my free day the way she does I will lose more than her this week" plan and it has never worked yet. I may weight 2-5 more pounds the morning after my free day, but by the morning of my next free day I have lost that and another 3-4 pounds.

  • Hi Walldancer, I am with Shannon on the free day. I have done BFL off and on for years. I always take advantage of my free day and eat how I feel like that day. Now on some free days I don't indulge until the afternoon and others I eat my heart out all day. I have never found it made a different on my weight loss. BFL works for me and I lose no matter how I am on my free days as long as I am on program the rest of the week!


  • Hi all! I have posted something similar to this in "The Kitchen" forum. I can understand the "fears" behind the free day, but trust me it will not do any harm. your body needs that free day to help keep the metabolism firing away. On my free days, I usually do indulge. Last weekend I was out of town and had a cookie, some wild game and cheeses, and a bit of fast food. Your tastes WILL change though. A lot of the things I used to crave i don't anymore, especially sweets. I say if you are keeping your diet clean all the time, then definitely enjoy your free day and don't let the guilt ruin it for you!

  • This time around I haven't taken advantage of my free day but I will when I think I am ready for it.  I am only 18 days in and am down 16 pounds already.  When I do start taking advantage of my free day, I start out in the morning like the other 6 days of the week by doing cardio and then a BFL type breakfast.  For lunch I may start taking advantage by maybe having a couple of tacos or maybe a couple of slices of pizza.  Dinner may be some Chinese food but I never gorge myself, just enough to take away the hunger.  I hate taking steps backwards but yes, free days are a nice option.

  • The further I got into my 12 weeks, the less I took advantage of the "free day."  I think for my C2, I will not log my food at all - I think tracking the free day was a mistake for me.  The program says to not track it, I am learning my best bet is not to deviate from the BFL plan at all!