Work around injuries

  • I'm starting week 7.  For the last two weeks, I've been doing less leg work due to pain in my left groin, and no upper arm work due to pain on the outside of my left elbow.

    I'm hoping the groin pain is from pulled soft tissue.  Doing some gentle stretching.  I had right hip resurfaced in 2000, and know that the cartilage in my left hip was thin at that time.

    So for now, I'm focusing on doing more recumbant bike since it doesn't bother the hip and chest and back since it doesn't bother the elbow.  I don't expect to transform my body as originally envisioned, but I can drop some weight and work where weights don't cause pain.

  • Touchstone...sounds like we are in the same boat. I am now in week 12 as of today and for the last  week all I have been doing is biking so far and today the Arc Trainer which is climbing. I hurt my back while lifting wrong 3  weeks ago. Continued through it 2 weeks ago and it got worse to the point I couldn't move much. So I had to take a break from lifting since even upper body focus requires using your back muscles too. My elbow was hurting at one point from doing triceps, but I changed triceps exercise and it is now fine. I am of course disappointed I couldn't finish my challenge by pushing until week 12 with weights, but 10 weeks of weights and the rest cardio I still dropped over 3lbs additionally for a total of 11 lbs so far. Just 4 more lbs to go to reach my ideal weight.  I just have 5 more days to go to finish this Challenge and then I will take a week or so to finish healing and then start Challenge 2. You Keep going. Eating clean and not cheating on meals and giving cardio your best will still get you there as far as weight loss is concerned. Then focus on building muscles later.