12 Week Body for Life - Week 4 Progress

  • Here is progress at the end of Week 4.

    Week 3 - Lost 500 gms/1.1 Pounds

    Loss since Day 1 - 3.6 Kgs/7.85 Pounds

     Cant believe that I made to week 4.

    So 1 month , 3.6 kgs/7.85 lbs of overall loss and my pants getting loose , havent seen much of difference in mirror though.

    Things I need to improve next week 5

    1) Wind up the workouts as per BFL time duration, often passed week I overshot by 10-15 mins in lifting days

    2)Workout pefer in morning.

    3)Eat better, increase calorie intake.


  • I am impressed with your results. I am in week 3 and haven't weighed since week one. I hope to come close to what you have done. Great job.

  • Thanks for that appreciation :-) ... Keep going with your efforts ...........