End of Week 5! WOW!

  • Hey Everyone! 

    I am in awe of how much my life is changing, how happy I feel, and already more confident than ever. This is my fourth time legitimately trying Body For Life. I've never gotten past the 2nd week, let alone the 5th!!!! I am really building habits I never thought imaginable. I haven't skipped a SINGLE workout (I used to be the queen of excuses...).  Can't believe how much my life has already changed in 5 weeks. 

    34 down, 50 days to go!!! 

    Here is my transformation so far. A little in shock still. Pictures to come soon.... Can't wait to see what the next 7 weeks bring..


    Waist: 29"

    Hips: 39"

    Weight: 142

    End of Week 4:

    Weight: 135.2

    Waist: 27.5

    Hips: 37"

    Belly: 35.5

    R Upper Arm: 12"

    Under Bust: 31.5"

    R Thigh: 20.75"

    End of Week 5:

    Weight: 132.5 (still kind of in shock over this number...questioning the scale..)

    Waist: 27" 

    Hips: 37"

    Belly: 34.5 (an inch, REALLY!?! maybe I'm measuring wrong...)

    Under Bust: 31"

    R. Thigh: 20"

  • Awesome!!! Keep up the good work.

  • I can relate to the shock feeling. But it's true. Keep going.