12 Week Body for Life - Week 3 Progress

  • Here is progress at the end of Week 3.

    Week 3 - Lost 900 gms/1.9 Pounds

    Loss since Day 1 - 3.1 Kgs/6.75 Pounds

    Started of well this week , however some personal conflict, I allowed to miss my workout on Wednesday, got my myself back on Thursday in gym and worked out 2 times that missed and did the missed workout as well as scheduled one.

    Food was fine, can do better.

    Happy with progress, but can do better I guess , will push harder as week 4 comes in.


  • Great Job! I cant wait till I am where you are approaching week 4!

  • Thanks for that , keep going we can do it

  • Way to go, your progress is wonderful and attitude great as well.

  • Thanks WPBill ,