New discoveries on the path of change

  • This summer, I discovered a new sensation.  I suppose sensation is a proper description but it’s not quite the word I’m looking for.  When I say sensation, I equate it to the feeling you had when you woke up to the smell of fresh cut grass and a distant neighbor’s lawn mower humming in the distance.  Before you even opened your eyes, you knew it was already a great day.  The calm in your soul when you went for a walk with a close friend or lover on a warm summer night, completely engaged in the most incredible conversation when an unexpected breeze rumbles out of nowhere and all the leaves  begin dancing in the trees and  you find yourself completely still, alive, and aware that life is good.  When I say sensation, I mean the feelings we don’t get to experience every day but when they do come along, we get to relive a moment from our past, take comfort in the present, or look forward to our future.  My new sensation has to do with my recent transformation.  After a great deal of experimentation, I discovered I really enjoy going to the gym at night.  I get that much needed alone time where I can get lost in thought and focus on the positive change in my life.  Here’s where the sensation comes into play.  When I would leave the gym, my body tired and covered in perspiration, I would roll down my windows, open the sun-roof, and turn my music up.  As I made the drive home, time seemed to slow down and the fresh summer air ran through my hair like gentle fingers as it cooled my weary body.  I can’t truly describe the meditative feeling I experienced on those short journeys but no matter how difficult my day was, that 8 minute drive always seemed to set things right.  Tonight, I went to the gym and I had to accept that the summer was over and winter isn’t far away.  This was one of the best summer’s I’ve ever lived through because I truly felt alive.  I am ready to fight through the winter blues and work hard to keep this momentum going.  My son will be born soon and I can’t wait to meet him as a proud and healthy father.   

    Bless your face for taking the time to read this. 

     I hope it was worth your while. 

    Feel free to share your “sensations”. 


  • Thanks, Mark. Wow...I really like this post. You know exactly what this journey is all about, and I know that you will keep on living the healthy BFL lifestyle. I feel peace just reading your experience.

    Congratulations on your new son. You have already given him the best gift he could ever ask for....a healthy, strong daddy!

  • What an awesome state of being, and the best way to bring a child into the world!  Congratulations and best wishes.


  • So eloquent, thanks for sharing! I have those "epiphanies" at different times during my challenges as well...I take it as affirmation that I'm doing the right things for the right reasons.  


  • Wow Mark, as I read your post I too could smell the grass and hear the lawn mower! Absolutely a beautiful post. Val

  • This is so beautiful. Despite having my indulgent free meal last night, I awoke focused, refreshed, and so excited about life. The empowerment of a completed workout, a day of intentional, clean eating is better than most things I can imagine. I can feel how much clearer my vision and mind have become from eating and working out EVERY DAY the last 5 weeks.

    What a lovely community brought together by transformation we have here on the BFL forum...

  • Mark, that was a great post!  You are an excellent writer; thank you so much for sharing this with us!  I felt as if I was experiencing the same sensations, and in fact have decided that I'm going to do the same thing on my way home from the gym tomorrow morning. :)

    Congratulations on your soon-to-be son!  What a strong, healthy, and forward-thinking father he has!

  • Mark thank you so much for sharing that. Congratulations on your son. I will be having another son myself in November. Keep up the hard work.

  • Thanks for the inspirational post Mark and your remarkable thoughts during those times.

  • Well written - I completely understand those last few minutes of alone time after the workout.  It is the feeling of being alive.  Congratulation on your son to be welcomed into the world soon.  Thank you for sharing.

  • Your words and transformation pictures are my new inspiration.