Week 4 Progress-1/3 done!!!

  • This program works, no doubt about it. Every day, my energy grows, my habits change for the better, and my confidence in my abilities to stick to something has changed. I have tried this program earnestly 5 times prior without planning my meals, etc, and NEVER made it passed the 2nd week without cheating. I am beyond proud to say that I am finishing my 4th week and have never felt so successful nor ready to take on the next 8 weeks. I am getting stronger, faster, and happier every day. I can already notice everything toning up and my face has lost weight.

    I'm 5'4". Here are my progress measurements so far:

    Starting weight: 142///Weight today, day 28: 135.2

    Starting Waist: 29"///Waist today, Day 28: 27" !!!!

    Starting Hips: 39"///Hips today, 37"

    I am learning so much about persistant, dedication, and not giving up!  Keep at it everyone. It works!

  • I'm glad to see your making progress. This will propell you even further. Great work!