12 Week Body for Life - Week 1 Revisited

  • I restarted my program as I missed back to back 2 weeks with the success of 1st week.

    This time in week 1 I lost 1.4kgs/3lbs.

    Energy is high , had few issues with the sleep as it was very soreness in week1.

    Probably next will have straight 8 hours sleep without sore stuff.

    Followed the BFL week 1 routine both in Training and Food.

    Super excited to enter week2.

  • Great job tomorrowismine8, I just finished week 2 with less amazing results.  I've lost 2.6 pound (total, in 2 weeks).  My clothing seem less tight and I'm happy.  

    You should be very proud of yourself

  • Thanks Lisa, I am proud .... Congrats on your progress ...any loss is good loss , pat yourself for your achievements.