Week 4 - Progress Photos - Not sure how I feel

  • Well this weekend was the end of week 4 for me...and I"m honestly not sure how I feel about my results. I know these things take time... but I have been working so hard that I just thought I would see more.  Love handles are still there... *sigh* Ah well - sorry about blurring my face but 6am photos in a bra/panties is not flattering..haha!

  • Lynne,

    I definitely see progress!!! Your thighs look so much leaner, as well as your mid-section. Your arms are gaining definition as well! We are our own worst critic....take it from me...you are making progress!!! Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Look at how much progress you have made in 4 weeks....think about how much MORE progress you will have made by the end of this challenge!!!! Keep doing what you are doing, and always challenge yourself to hit those 10s!!!!!

    Love handles are a tricky thing. It took me a while to see a difference in my waist and hip area. That is the first place I put on weight, so it is usually the last place I lose weight. I have really started doing more core exercises to strengthen my whole core, and I have seen a huge difference. Also, I truly believe that abs and the whole mid section are made in the kitchen, so keep your nutrition clean and I think you will see a big difference in the near future!

    Great job!!! I am proud of you!!!!

  • I DEFINITELY see progress - just think what more you'll see in 8 more weeks. "They" say, the most noticeable difference is in the last half of this challenge. Keep it going girl. The fact that you're committed and haven't quit is progress in itself. Press on. The prize is yet to come.

  • I see inches lost. Did you measure? I didn't and now wished I had. Can tell by my clothes inches are lost though. Compare your before to week eight. Then you will see the difference you are looking for. I just finished my first 12 weeks and it really took until the last of week 12 to get 2 last stubborn lbs. off I was hoping to lose in this Challenge. Starting Challenge 2 Mon. Push it a little harder in your next 4 weeks. Do something, just a little bit of something more. I am much older than you. This is how I kept increasing my exercise bit by bit. And then guess what? I am doing HIIT running two mins and walking two. I've never run an inch in my life. Little by little big differneces emerge. Keep pushing!

  • Kudos to both Lynnedays and Dharlan1!  Fantastic results!  Keep it up.

  • Noticeable changes!!!  Your midsection is definately thinning down as well as your thighs.  When you have less to lose it is often more difficult to see those subtle changes.  If you keep doing what you are doing, you will be surprised how fantastic you look and feel in 8 more weeks.  For the record, I saw zero changes in my 4 week pictures, and very little in my 8 week pictures.  By ten weeks, I was seeing definate changes, and by the end of 12 weeks, I saw the most progress!!  You can see my before/afters on my profile.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Great work, looking more confident and muscle tone and some loss areas are starting to show. Keep Moving Forward and I am sure you will be very pleased with the final result as well.

  • yeah just keep it up, i know it's a lot of work there's also other ways, pic can be deceiving sometimes, remember clothes, other people compliments.

  • Very noticable changes, especially midsection. I wish I started with such a flat belly to begin with, haha. Doing good.


  • Just wanted to say thank you for the encouraging words - I needed them - as I think it is true you can't see change in yourself easily and I know change is inside/out. BUT - I'm stickin with it - and hoping to see a little more by 8 weeks! I didn't take measurements - I should have - but at the time figured I only cared about seeing change in my pants...that I wouldn't care about my measurements. Regret now!

  • you look great!!!! keep it up, you'll be amazed after another 8 weeks!!!  :)

  • Noticeable changes happen around week 9. Keep a strong mind. You're very close.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear