This is my Journey

  • I am is day 3 since I joined on July 23rd and I can't wait to see what I will look like in 12 weeks. My goal is to go back to my ideal weight, loose body fat, gain muscle and thus tone my whole body.

     On Day 2 I noticed 3 lbs less on the scale so that excited me. Today I worked lower body and I pushed myself so hard that I was dizzy at the end. Had to sit down for a while. But it still felt good to know that I know I did my very best. I am very pleased to notice that I am not craving anything that I shouldn't be eating because my mind is so set on reaching my goals and seeing results. Besides, just about every 2 hours I am feeding my body the right stuff so I don't feel a need for more. So peeps, lets keep each other accountable because I know from experience that when you can stay connected with others on the same journey, you are sure to stay motivated. 


  • So, why did I feel dizzy today after working out? I actually was feeling dizzy already after working at certain machines, but then it could clear and at one point I felt my stomach was going to get upset besides being dizzy. I just ignored it and kept going. I was working slow, but intense. Not rushing through the excersizes. Is it because I didn't drink water before? Or ate breakfast? Or did I push myself too hard?


  • Don't be concerned, it will happen when you are really pushing it.  Happened to me one time when I worked out in the afternoon after my normal work day, same exact symptoms, I just sat down, controlled my breathing and drank a little water.  Your body is going through some shock right now, but soon.....if you miss a work out you will feel crummy all day!  (mostly because you feel lazy!) and your body won't know what to do unless you are active,    

    I wish I had a more technical answer for you, but I work with my hands for a living, and I know what it feels like when I am working really hard.  

    Take care, and keep pushing it...

  • I find when I'm doing intense cardio I get like this. Being aware of breathing patterns during weights has really helped me with the lifting days.

  • thanks for the explanation, Mykal. I really liked how you said my body is going through some shock right now. That gives me hope that it is doing something. Yes, I will keep pushing.


  • What made me feel real good today is setting a schedule for the next day. Both my work out schedule and my meal plan. I find that this will help a lot as today everytime it was time to eat I had to scratch my head and wonder what to eat this time. But I cooked a package of black beans and that will last for several servings if I chose that, also boiled several eggs to have eggwhites and those are things I can prepare in advance to make it easier. The rest I will cook fresh each day. I loved sauteed vegies today as a side with 2 meals today. Hubby is happy to eat healthier too. I am stil re-reading "Body for Life" and  with each chapter I feel more and more prepared for the rest of the journey. But I especially love the support from each other. Thank you DoulaSteph for the input also. Succes to you! Blessings to all. Looking forward to day 4.


  • I like setting up my workouts for the week as well, I even go as far as grilling up the meat for the week on sunday.  Glad to hear everything is clicking

  • Well, day 4  under the belt! I loved the work-out although I am right now in the 'trial and error' stage. As of last night I a, now planning excersizes and meals the night before. What I liked about it is that when I got to the gym, i was so focused on working towards my high point. Normally on the treadmill or bike I bring my earphones and watch tv. NOT TODAY! I can't believe how fast 20 minutes went by since I was increasing level by each minute and then decrease like the book suggests until I reached my hight point. Boy, half way I broke into a sweat that started dripping on the bike. I also wrote some concerns of observations in the meal department under the new string "Meals Options can't always go perfect, right"? Maybe you have some insight to share there too. Hugs to y'all... I'd love to hear your progresses also and thanks for sharing tips and ideas, I love reading those and implement them.


  • After succesfully completing week one, I can say these things helped me to really start focusing and making sure I am doing my best in the whole program:

    * I started planning my excersizes and meals the night before like the book suggests.

    * I started cooking several things ahead of time so that I can just heat them up when they were on the meal schedule. Boiled eggs, black beans, vegies, precooked chicken, etc. It made my meals way easier.

    * During excersizes, follow the plan watching the stopwatch so that I don't go too slow.

    * Used a timer set at every 2.5 hrs so that I keep eating on time. When I turn the alarm off, I reset it again right away for 2.5 hrs later. That keeps my meals on schedule without forgetting to eat.

    * Sharing my experiences with others for accountability and supporting others in their journey. Accountability and support are the biggest factors in one staying on track.

    * I took several 'before' pix in several outfits that look too tight now so that I can see how I look in them 12 weeks later. This really motivates me and makes me dream of that day when I will look better in my fave outfits being back to my ideal size.


  • So today was my first FREE DAY. I was so looking forward to eating a donut!!!!! But when I started the morning with a bowl of sugary cereal and a cup of Protein Silk which has more sugar in it then Myoplex, I was disgusted with so much sugar and then didn't want a donut anymore. I was very surprised. I did have a bowl of ice cream later after lunch and some chex mix for snack. But I am good...don't feel much cravings at all. I am happy about that. I am so ready for week 2. Have a successful week everyone.


  • I can't believe how sluggish and sleepy and lazy I felt today Monday. Got up, went to gym, worked hard and came home and slept deeply for almost 2 hours and still woke up tired and without energy. Here is why... Week one went really well, I worked hard and behaved real well eating. Yesterday, Sunday... first FREE day I ate very different, the things I have been avoiding all week. I don't have any regrets, but I am so surprised at what ONE day of eating crappy does to your body. The first week by Friday I had so much energy I was in the yard working ALL DAY doing landscaping and even after I was done I was still looking for more to do. I kept going. Today I looked at the yard and couldn't make myself go out. Well, next Sunday I will stil enjoy the day off just because it helps celebrate a great week, but no need to overdo it. Even now as I am writing at almost 6pm, I am sleepy and sluggish.


  • SorayaRosaria,

    Ahh yes, the cheat day hangover!  I am one of those people who tend to really overdue the cheat day.  My recommendation is to "snack' on those things you were missing versus making meals out of them.  The other motivation I have is, do I want to ruin 6 days of hard work over 1 day of a complete meltdown.  So, I just make my cheat foods with better choice ingredients and eat more of it without guilt.  For example, dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.  I make veggie pizza on lavish bread instead of having store bought or delivery pizza, I make my own spinach and avocado dip with blue corn chips versus the heavy pre-made dips and full fried chips.  Diet soft drink (like coke-zero) instead of full calorie soda.  I get Greek yogurt and mix in fruit and then freeze it, great alternative to ice-cream.

    Just be creative and Google healthy options of your "weak" foods and you will be amazed at how much of it you can have and it be considered "cheating" lol.  

    Semper Fi,


  • Overview of week 2... went very well, for Cardio I did the stationary bike all 3 times and it killed! I love it when get off and feel so proud of my hard work. For weight training I am seeing improvements in some areas, able to lift more and in other excersizes I keep adjusting still.  I record everything about my excersizes and meals so that next time I can do better if need to. As far as meals go, I do the best I can with the limited finances even if it means not having too many options right now, but everything is still in the authorized category. The timer works great to keep me eating every 2.5 hrs. I am loving that I am seeing much definition happening in my arms already. Much sucess to everyone in week 3. Keep posting your experiences to encourage me and others too.


  • Well done reaching week 2 SorayaRosaria, you sound like you have made a fantastic start.  Looking forward to seeing your before and afters.  Best Wishes Jo

  • My daughters were gone for 10 days out of the country and i promised myself to work hard so that they would be able to tell right away. They came back at the end of week 3. "mamiiiiii, you look so skinyyyyyyyyy", they kept saying. That made my evening!!! Long way to go yet before it is true what they are saying, hahahha. But at least it was evident that change is happening. Have a great 4th week, everyone. Kick some rear!