• Good Morning All,

    We're going to the movies today.  This will be our first hurdle.  We'll eat before we go and then just get our son the little snack pack.  Instead of our usual medium popcorn with tons of butter and large coke! I'll take some gum too - that always helps.  Planning is everything  -right? 

    I ran across this website last night.  Michelle lost 100 pounds using BFL (several challenges back to back) and has kept the weight off for 6 or 7 years - very inspiring...

    Hope everyone has a super day! 

  • Hey Team Rocket! I just found this website and also started on the second, i read your previous posts and would love to join in the conversation! i also joined on the 2nd! thanks


  • Morning All,

    Yesterday went well and I started today with a 6 mile bike ride around a forest preserve. I'm now cooking mango and oatmeal and a boiled egg to sit on my patio. My goals for Body for Life include trying to enjoy the moment more. I often rush meals so I'm trying to eat more slowly and only eat instead of multi-tasking.

    Hope your day goes well!!!