• I have been in this program for six weeks now. I have lost ten to twelve pounds. My dad has always been an inspiration to me, he's always been muscular and active in sports. I, on the other hand, was never good at sports, and quickly ballooned to 200 lbs after high school, with more weight being added every year. At the beginning of this year I was topping 270 lbs, and my lower back had been suffering, as a result. Yesterday, my dad told me that my arms were bigger than his. Naturally, I didn't believe him, so we got out a tape measure, sure enough, my arms are bigger than his. This was a big boost to my confidence, as I don't have much fat on my arms, and while his are more defined, the potential for a massive bicep growth gets me really jazzed. When I started this program, I decided not to look back. I've got so much energy now, that I cut the grass this morning without stopping once, having never been able to do that before, it was an awesome feeling. Thanks Body For Life. 

    ps. maybe one day I'll figure out how to post my pics on my tablet.

  • Greetings bdavidg,   Congrats on your achievements in size and attitude. It is always great to read a story such as yours and it inspires the rest of us as well. keep moving forward and keep in touch with us all. Kudos!!!

  • Nice job.  Keep it up.  I just started June 11th.  I am also trying to figure out how to have my picture instead of the little green guy.  Let me know if you find out.

  • Hey bdavidg, Like bill has stated GREAT WORK! Isn't soo awesome when you notice victories like that! Keep it going don't stop!

    on a side note for you and "nowrnever" go to your main profile pages at the right hand corner there's the "edit profile" button click on it, your page will reload so you can edit your profile.. from their go to the left side where your little green person is under it should say " change avatar " a little pop up window will appear from there you can choose your picture and upload once done choose save profile and you should be good to go.. I read your other post nowrnever and decided to respond here.. good luck u guys!

  • O yeah remember its only an avater so It's gonna be small lol.. aloha

  • Greetings just a quick note about your photo loading for the avatar,  be sure your cd photo is data compressed to the specs given at the top of the forum page, otherwise it may not load properly. BFL can provide insight on that if you contact them about the specs.  Island dude is right about the size, it will be rather small just check out mine at WPBILL. Keep MOving Forward!!