6 week progress photos

  • Today is day 37 for me.  I lost 8 pounds during the first 20 days, but the scale hasn't moved in over 2 weeks.  I plan to have my body fat measured tomorrow.  

    Anyway I needed to do something for encouragement after not seeing the scale move, so here it is!  I am so happy with the changes in my body (appearance and in the way I feel)...

    I have been able to go off of one of my asthma meds and cut the other one in half.  

    I haven't used my rescue inhaler in over a month!  

    I can run 3 miles in 28 minutes.

    I am able to lift more weight every time I go to the gym!  

    I am so excited to see what the next 48 days have in store for me!!

    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. ~Aristotle

  • wow, you look great. your back looks really good, i have back fat, right under my bra. its one of the things i hate the most. i cant wait till my back looks like yours. congrats! keep it up.

  • Wow, you can see clearly from the photos that some of the BF has gone away and I wish you the best in continuing your efforts to the end.  I am sure you will not be disappointed with the 12 week  endresults.  THe gym sometimes have the OMRON for measuring bodyfat and BMI.  I have one at home and I got mine from GNC during christmas this year, and found out that if you workout at least 4 or 5 times a week (Like BFL) you should pick the athlete setting not the normal for a truer reading. Just a little advice on that one.  Keep moving forward and Way to GO~~!!

  • I'm on Day 18-- halfway to where you are-- and my scale has been all over the place! I can tell you're getting smaller, it's obvious, especially the rear-view photos. I have those damn creases in my back and I can't wait to see them gone. My friend who did this back in 2001 said the first month for most, is all internal. And it sounds like your engine is revving up if your asthma's getting that improved! I look at it like turning a huge ship 180 degrees, it's going to take a while before everything kicks in. That's what I'm pinning all my hopes on. So I decided to stop with the scale, if muscle weighs more than fat and I'm building muscle, then that number becomes meaningless, right? You look great, keep going!!!!

  • Your doing great!  Here is some advice....toss the scale!  It isn't a good measuring tool, but instead use BF% & inches!  I lost 14lbs of just fat during my 12 weeks.  I watched that scale until week 10/11 and it was the best thing I did.  I absolutely love that your fitness level is improving quickly!  That is a HUGE accomplishment!

    Keep Strong,


  • WOW 6 weeks definitely shows a difference!!!

  • Your back looks great!  That is where I see the most improvement too!  I am SO impressed with your running 3 miles in 28 minutes! You're really hooking it!  And getting off your meds is huge! Keep up the good work!

  • Great job!!  You can really tell in your back!!  It looks like you are well on your way to a successful challenge!  Congrats!

  • Wow amazing don't you mind what the scale says just keep doing the program, each day counts towards the goal !