Caribbean Island Girl Transformation Diary

  • DAY ELEVEN - Aerobic Workout

    I am starting to have a meltdown (to be perfectly honest).  I think my body is rebelling against the 5:00 a.m. schedule, the new diet, and the exercise.  Went to my parents house yesterday, they had chips, dip, cheetos on the kitchen counter and I passed all of it up.  Went for the bowl of salad with a few baked curry chicken strips.  

    Came home from my workout today, and I have to say - the Epson Salt baths really help my overall recovery.  Burn a little incense, grab a cup of black coffee and a good book and soak for about 30 minutes.  

    I can feel changes in my upper thigh muscles as I walk.  The feeling like I'm building muscle.  I sense a reduction in inches as well, but as of yet have not taken any revised measurements.  I am fighting an overall body muscle fatigue, but my trainer says this will pass as I gain muscle and strength.  

    Really looking forward to my cheat day coming up on Sunday.  

    I'm feeling emotional, as I am really giving it all I've got out there on the gym floor.  My trainer will give me a new set of exercises to do - and I swear I look at it, take the position and practically want to cry - feeling like I can't do it.  But then I put some effort in, and before you know it - I have my 12,10,8,6,12 reps in.  

    So bottom line, I keep pushing myself - hoping to go to the next level.  I'm not going to fail, this is not the kind of person I am.  

  • DAY ELEVEN - Aerobic Workout

    Well today was a bit easier.  Whole family got up with me and went to the gym to support me.  Came home and took my Epson Salt soak bath - which helps tremendously.  Had a protein shake and a cup of coffee.  I'm like most of you, a little discouraged that after two weeks, I'm not seeing more results.  But, I told myself before I started - that results will not happen until about 6-8 weeks.  I knew this going in.  

    Just an FYI, I'm not going to post for a few days, as we are taking off to the mountains - to enjoy some R&R time as a family.  I'm told the condo resort we are staying in has a gym, so I will try and do my workout there on my own.  Kids want to do some hiking, and walk around the mountain community and enjoy the activities.

    Mainly sticking with meats, vegetables and fruits.  Haven't been to creative when it comes to meals, as I'm just trying to get through each day from a fatigue factor.  My trainer told me this morning that she is going to increase all my weight limits starting next week.  She sees differences in me and improvements, though I'm winning and moaning on this forum.  So I take this as a positive - that something is working.

    Day Eleven - Feeling committed mentally and physically - no matter how hard it gets.

  • My Support Group when the going gets tough.  GRANDMA YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

  • I have to share this, it is so funny.  My whole gang got up and went to the gym with me this morning to support me.  We came home, I took my bath and made coffee.  It is now 10:00 a.m. (I have breakfast made and ready to go) I've just yelled three times and there are no takers.  

    IF YOU CAN BELIEVE THIS................they ALL went back to bed and are still sleeping!!!!

    I guess the gym wore everyone out, so they all decided to go back to bed.  Maybe this old grandma has more energy than she thought - compared to these young whipper snappers.  

  • Sorry haven't posted.  My mother had two heart attacks, and we got caught up in the Waldo Fires in Colorado.  On pre-evacuation notice - so do I load up the car or not?

    In any event, I have been trying to keep up with my workouts.  Just wanted to let you know why I haven't posted in a week or so.  

    I will admit, I can understand why alot of people quit at week 4.  You suddenly realize you've been beating yourself up for a month, with very little results.  I am truly grateful for this forum, because I can read about others experiences and this is what keeps me going.  When I realize that results for most of us do not come until about week 8 - it allows me to hang in there.

    Though discouraged, I am still plugging along with it.

  • Well this morning was the best workout ever.  Getting up is rough, but I really feel my body is in the swing of it now.  It took me 4 weeks to accomplish this.  Just finished my measurements and thought you would enjoy seeing the change.  

    When I started I was 175 in weight.  I am still 175, haven't lost any weight.  

    Bust - 42" (still same)

    L Arm - 12" (still same)

    R Arm - 12" (still same)

    Waist - 38" (now 37")

    Hips - 42" (now 40-1/2")

    L Thigh - 21" (now 20-1/2")

    R Thigh - 21" (now 20-1/2")

    L Calf - 14" (now 13-1/2")

    R Calf - 14" (now 13-1/2")

    So overall haven't lost any weight, but you can see I have definitely lost inches.  My trainer says she is starting to see definition in my arms, I can see changes in my stomach, and overall physical strength.  I am lifting heavier weights, each week that goes by.

    I had all these plans of great meals, and to be honest - sticking to fresh fruits, vegetable (salads) and some grill meat (chicken or fish) on the salad.  I am being alot more strict with my diet for July, as compared to June.   So after a few weeks of feeling like nothing happened, and now after seeing my new measurements, I have regained hope.  

    Sorry about not keeping up on my postings.  I got caught up in the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado.  Didn't lose my house, but it smells like burnt wood everywhere.  The week that so many lost their homes, I became physically ill to see such loses.  It is very hard on me to see other people suffer.  

    So here's to week 4, still going strong.

  • Congrats on your stats and achievements so far,  I can relate to a support group that doesn't join you at the gym, still it's great to have a team rooting for ya!  The photo of them is great and they look like a fun team to have backing you. Hang in there and I am sure that your results will get even better and don't let the scale discourage you, remember BIll said the scale is only one of the many tools that measure progress. Don't your clothes fit better or different already? Keep moving Forward ( just posted my After photos to my profile, after many computer challenges).

  • Well I stopped counting by days and am now looking at my workouts by weeks.  I don't know if that is a positive or a negative.  For the first two weeks, my entire body just ached and soaking in the tub to recover after each session seemed to be the way to go.  Then this aching stopped and muscle fatigue set in.  I went through that for a couple of weeks.  Constantly watching the clock to see when my session would be over.  

    Now, I seem to glide through my workouts.  The time is over before I know it, and I don't find myself looking up at the clock every ten minutes.  I still fell muscle fatigue at the end, but I think my body is learning to adapt better to this.  

    I was excited to learn that when I started my body fat was 38%, today starting week 6, my body fat is 36%.  I am not really losing weight, but I have lost inches, and the fact that my body fat when down, tells me that I am losing fat and building muscle.  

    I have spent alot of time reading different posts on the forum.  Looking at people's pictures (which by the way, thank you to everyone who is brave enough to do this).  It helps me compare what changes are being made and what realistically to expect for myself.  

    I realize that for many people, they do several challenges, or should I say just one big long one.  I don't think I am stopping at week 12 - but will continue until I get the results that I am looking for.  Saw one picture of an elderly grandmother in her 60's on this forum, in a bikini and she looked better than some girl's in a swimsuit in their 20's.  It took her one year of doing body for life to get these results.  

    I've read other posts where people finished the 12 weeks and then said they were glad with the results and now going to take a break.  For people like that, I think in time you will regain your old self right back.  For people who view the body for life as a "life style change", then it is a way to maintain what you have worked so hard for the rest of your life.

    I am not viewing this as a 12 week challenge.  I am simply on week 6.  If it takes me week 22 before I see results, then so be it.  But I'm pretty sure that by the end of 52 weeks, I'll have a drop dead gorgeous body.  

    If I was going to give anyone out there some advice, it would be this.  Don't get hung up on quick results.  If you don't make those awesome changes by week 8, or week 12 - keep going.  Make this a life style change.  Eat a diet that you can live with for the rest of your life.  Don't get hung up on being so strict that you burn yourself out and then quit.  It is better to go slow, lose slow, eat moderate (have that cheat day), and see the results slowly over time.  Do you really only want to exercise for 12 weeks and stop?  I would think not.  

    So for those of you who are not getting the quick results you want to see - take a deep breath.  My 2% body fat reduction makes me so excited, because if I keep going, then in a few weeks it will be 2% more and 2% more, etc etc.  Stay off the scale and forget about what you weigh, it only hangs you up mentally.  Weigh yourself in 6 months.  Everyone is different, some can get those fantastic results in 12 weeks, but maybe they didn't start with extreme physical problems.  I have had 5 babies and my stomach (though no stretch marks) shows it.  My results are slow, but I am getting them.  Focus on the 1% you lost, not on the 10 pounds you didn't.  

    If you believe you will lose the fat and gain muscle tone, then you will.  If you say you can't, then you won't.  The power of the mind is a very tremendous force.   I read an article one time about why some people survive disasters and others don't.  The number one reason, why people survive a disaster is the "WILL TO LIVE".  So that should tell you something about the power of positive thinking.

    Here's to week 6, I threw out the scale, threw out the charts, it's just me and the gym now.  

    It may take me 6 months to get my results BUT I WILL GET THEM.............So everyone of you who is discouraged and beating yourself up at the gym.  Continue on, you are worth every bit of effort that you are putting into this.  

  • Week Seven - Well I can't believe I'm still here.  It has been rough, and I have gone through discouragement.  

    Six weeks into my 12 weeks and I have lost ZERO weight.  So I pulled out the Body For Life book and started reading it again.  What was I doing wrong.  Then I came across the page, where it said to work out on an empty stomach.  

    Up until this point, I have been eating a protein bar prior to my 5:30 A.M. workout.  My trainer explained it to me this way, you need energy to get through such a workout (as I was in the beginning getting the shakes), so she said, kick start your metabolism and eat something small.  This will help you get through the workouts and help get your metabolism started for the day.  I took the advice and for six weeks, I have eaten (like I said) a low calorie protein bar prior to each workout.  

    So week seven, decided to do things different.  I decided to follow what the book said.  For one week now I have done my workouts on an empty stomach.  I also picked up the aerobic workout speed on the tred mill.  I am eating no different, because my diet isn't the problem.  In four days I dropped 5 pounds just from working out on an empty stomach and kicking up the pace on the tred mill.  

    I wanted to share this, because I have read several posts where people are discouraged about not losing any weight.  Maybe my experience will help you.  Give it a try and see if it works for you.  

    Ending Week Seven - A bid discourage, but the weight loss has renewed my zeal.  

    My mother is in end stage COPD and is about to die - she has never smoked.  My grandmother also died of this and she never smoked.  So I'm thinking hereditary.  I got on the internet and was reading about this, and ironically they said that if a person will develop a habit of regular exercise, this disease will not grab ahold of you.  So I'm thinking "Body For Life", is what it is all about.   My 8th week starts Monday.

  • I've dropped another inch in my waist.  38" down to 36" now.  

    I wanted to definitely say to everyone, that the advice BFL gives you about working out on an empty stomach is the most effective way to drop those pounds.  

    I've done it both ways.  Had a small protein bar before working out, spent 7 weeks and didn't drop one pound.  Then I changed the way I was doing it, now I workout on an empty stomach (kept my diet the same) and I can feel a big difference.  

    Just wanted to share this.  Because at least on my end, this has been a subject for debate with a lot of personal trainers.  Go with what BFL tells you.

  • Carribean Island Girl... I didn't have time to read your whole diary, but your user name caught my eyes because I am a Carribean Island Girl tooooooo!!! What Island are you from? I am from Bonaire, next to Curacao and Aruba. I am very curious. Who knows, maybe you speak my language even...


  • island of Ambergris caye - off coast of mainland Belize

  • Just wanted to say, I'm still plugging along with my workouts and loving it.  Lost another inch in my waist, so down to 34" now, instead of 38".  Also went to a 50% raw diet, which basically means I eat 50% of my food in a raw form, like salads, fresh fruits and vegetables.  Love it!  I feel great, and have lots of energy.  We're going to do my measurements again in a few days.  My main improvements (according to my trainer) have been to my heart.  I continue to work on cardio, and have actually started running now on the tread mill - which I didn't want to do for a long time.  Not sure why.  I am really loving my workouts.  I'm starting to get lots of comments, like what are you doing?  How often do you work out?  What is your diet like?  How long have you been working out?  

    People are starting to notice and that makes me feel good.  I just want to say, for those of you who are discouraged.....keep it up.  Results will come in time, you just have to be patient.  Don't give up, view this as a life style change, not just 12 weeks.  I wake up every morning 4:45 a.m.  I'm usually at the gym by 5;30 a.m.  I struggle to get up, but once I do - and make the effort to workout, I feel great!

  • Thank you SO much for your sharing your "diary".  Reading this has truly helped me.  I am on week 10 and a little discouraged.  While mentally I know that I have a lot to lose and I must give myself time, I still feel like I wanted to see more results. It will come, I just need to continue and do what I am doing.  Side note, I was having a cup of coffee with a little creamer before my workouts, calling it an empty stomach.  I think I will let the creamer go and see if it makes a change like giving up the protein bar made a change for you.