6 week progress photos

  • I'm not on the forums much (3kids, job, nursing school=crazy busy), but here I am shamelessly at 6 weeks hoping someone else besides my husband (who would never say otherwise) can see a difference. I can, but then I always find myself second guessing saying "oh its just the different lighting and angles". I haven't lost a single pound at this point and am just praying for that 8 week miracle! I'm determined to make these next 6 weeks count but I worry its all in vain and I'm doing something wrong! I did not start this challenge close to my ideal weight so if you are afraid of a little chub look no further!

    As always, TIA!

    Ok, I tried adding the photos multiple ways to no avail so here is the link to the album instead :)


  • bprwatson,

    Congrats on the 6 week mark! Great work so far! There is definitely a big difference in your shoulders and arms. These are the first places we see fat loss. The place we store fat vary - guys mostly around their bellies and love handles and women in their thighs - and fat doesn't spot reduce. It comes off in layers. So places like our shoulders and arms are the first to show fat loss. This is happening for you so you are on the right track! Keep going! The 'problem' places we all posses have deeper stores of fat and it takes longer to see results there. But rest assured the changes ARE happening! You are doing great! Finish all 12 weeks strong and keep us posted on your results! :)


  • Congratulations on doing the challenge, and yes I can see a difference. Your tummy is starting to look firmer which is great, and the rest is steadily shrinking which is a good sign. I wouldn't worry about not experiencing weight loss just yet. Remember the old adage that muscle weighs more than fat, I reckon this is what is happening with you as it is obvious you have lost fat. I am at the end of week 4 and have put on almost 8 pounds since starting, however as I primarily have visceral fat compared to subcutaneous (as a soon-to-be nurse you will know the difference) I can plainly see the continuous muscle development, my tummy shrinking, and my abs starting to make an appearance. You will be experiencing the same development underneath the subcutaneous fat (typical in women), and as you begin to increase your exercise intensities as the weeks progress the fat will drop away faster and you will be left with a great physique as many people on here have done.

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing the transformation by week 12.

  • This is a critical point that I don't think BFL stresses enough:

    Go out and get yourself a digital scale with a BF% feature on it. I am on my fifth week, and the scale has only moved about 10 pounds total for me....I would have assumed most of it water weight from quitting a 6pack of beer each night,

    BUT, upon further examination...

    my BF% has gone from 34% to 24%, which means that my "measly" 10 pound shift equates to losing 19 pounds of fat and gaining 10 pounds of muscle...and that is INSPIRING!!

    Tanita makes a good one I have had for almost 8 years, I think it was $80 at Walmart.

  • I can see the difference in that your stomach has gotten smaller and your hips are slimmer.  Give yourself a break. You're probably doing everything right....it just takes time.  I think shows like The Biggest Loser create unrealistic expectations for weight loss for lots of us...and we get discouraged when we have real lives, real jobs, real obligations and we have to cram fitness in there somewhere, but the weight doesn't come off as fast as we'd like it to.  I am on my second round of BFL and I've probably lost less than 20 lbs....but, I've gone from a size 10 to almost a size 6.  I've toned my body and almost gotten rid of the muffin top.  Just keep plugging away...stick to the eating plan because I think the diet is about 80% of the battle...and just keep moving.  You'll see results, I guarantee it.  One day you'll just notice that you need a belt to keep the pants up that used to be too tight to button.  good luck!!  Keep the faith!  Lisa

  • Thanks everyone, Its hard when the friend I started with is down 15lbs. She made a good point though, when we started I had already been eating clean for 9 months and had already lost 60lbs on my own. She had been a human garbage disposal (her words, not mine) so BFL was more of a shock to her system than it was to mine. You always lose weight faster when you first start a diet, and since I'd already been "dieting" for 9 months my body didn't have the same reaction. Plus since that 60lbs I lost was without stepping into the gym once, I'm sure a lot of muscle has been gained. I'm just going to keep on keeping on and give it everything I have, that's all i can do right :)

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Great work you can really see it in your hips and shoulders!! Don't pay any attention to the scale I just finished my 5th challenge and only lost 5lbs over the 12 weeks but made very visual differences in my appearance.. I had lost a lot of scale weight my previous challenges so this was a bit of a shock to me don't be discouraged though you see change happening so keep moving forward. all the best aloha

  • Awesome job!  You are looking great:)