• Hi there everyone! 

    I have completed the BFL programme before & had great results... I have since become a veggie and now have no idea where to start with supplementing the meat in my diet and portion sizes .... Are there any other Veggies out there that could help please? 



  • Hey Jamie,

    Go to the in the kitchen thread someone there may be able to help or better yet contact EAS directly and they should be able to help. Here's a vegan web site one of the guys there did the challenge forget his name. Vegan bodybuilding and Hope this help. Watch your fats and sugar. My vega makes a vegan meal replacement thats really good a little gritty. Hope this helps.


  • have you tried Gardein products--very yummy and no GMOs

  • I've just started the program June 25 and I am vegetarian. Maybe we can work on this thing together.