Betagen & creatine questions....

  • Alrighty:

    Betagen has creatine in it, right? The recommened dose is 3x/day. Is this ok? Creatine causes water retention (i.e. 'bloating). What do some of the other BFL'er, esp. those who experienced a dramatic change, think of this? I am really confused. Am I defeating my goal of fat loss and lean muscle gain?

  • Greetings, I have been using the Crea7ine Red (GNC) since EAS no longer makes the creatine alone like I used last time around. I have not noticed any particular bloating as always mentioned but I am following the cycle on and off pattern suggested by the manufacturer (MRI in this case). I have been using the EAS Muscle Armor with this and also have not had any problems as off yet. I do like the Muscle Armor and will be getting more of this soon for after workout use. I would say my results with the Crea7ine Red have been very good to date but I do make sure to drink the 10 glasses of water recommended by the BFL program as well.