8 weeks pictures...

  • So I am in my 9th week - just took my 8 week progress pics on Saturday.  Definitely seeing some changes, and feel incredible!  I totally forgot to measure myself at the beginning of all this, so my photos and my weight are all I have to compare against. 

    I know they say the biggest changes come in weeks 8-12, but I can't help but be nervous that it isn't going to happen for me. 

    Starting weight - 172.8

    Current weight - 160.2

    Still super dedicated to my workouts - have only missed two in 8 weeks.  Still doing well with my food intake, but have had a good bit of stress lately and haven't been as good as I was in the beginning.  Going to try to kick it into high gear for the next 4 weeks!!!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  • Wow! Great progress so far! I can definitely see that you are smaller all the way around and your stomach is looking great in profile. Also, it looks like your overall posture is very much improved. Your arms show tremendous progress as well. Belly fat is so, so much work to drop... I am fighting this as well... keep up with it and see if there is any way you can adjust your diet to help facilitate the process. You could also look at adding more cardio. Champions like Kelly Adair said they added low-intensity cardio to weight days which is what I am starting, here in Week 10.

    Good luck and you are making tremendous progress! Keep it up!

  • Wow!!  Lookin' good!!!  Can't wait to see your 12 weeks pics too!! :D

  • Wow also,  your photos show some serious improvement and results.  Keep on going that direction and you'll be very happy at the end of the day on the 84th!!