Week 17 progress pics


    Starting pics 1/2/12 271 lbs 36% body fat

    Current pics 5/3/12 229 lbs 23.2% body fat

    Still have 13 lbs and 7% body fat to cut by the end of C2 to hit my goals.  7 weeks to go!!!!!!


  • Congratulations:  I see how much your body has transformed--Keep up the good work!!!

  • Wow!  I can see the difference just since the end of your first challenge (I remember seeing them when you posted).  You are totally on a roll.  Keep it up!  You can make those goals!

  • Wow dude you can see the lose of fat around your face and mid rif area. The muscle is biulding nicely. Good effort and keep up the good work, you have given me the inspiration to push hard and hard enjoy the rewards of looking and feeling great.

  • Great progress. Keep Moving Forward.  You expression says a lot about how you view your results as well. Looks like whatever you are doing is right on track.

  • NICE! Those delts are a poppin!!! keep on keeping on!!

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words.  Just finished up week 7 of C2 yesterday and weighed in at 227 lbs.  Thru 7 weeks of C2 I've lost 10.5 lbs.  The fat sure is coming off at a slower pace than my first challenge.  However I still have 5 more weeks to hit my goals :)

  • Great work....keep it up!!

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