• Is anyone out there dong it "by the book"?  I'm not doing Zumba - training for a marathon - doing P90X or  cooking protein pancakes. I'm doing the exercises in the book - eating by the book, and only doing 20 minutes cardio every other day.  Should I be adding more stuff?  I'm looking for real results. Maybe I'm not doing enough?

    Thanks for "weighing in"....


  • Hello Proverbs31,

    I completed my first 12 weeks on March 26th and now I'm into my 4th week of my 2nd challenge.  I followed the book to a "T" except that I didn't use any supplements besides for a once-per-day multivitamin and chose to eat 6 regular food meals.  I had great results by the end of my 1st challenge.  I lost 34.5lbs of fat and gained 1 lb of muscle.  I reduced my body fat from 36% to 26%, went from size 44 pants to size 36 pants and went from a 4xl to a 2xl size shirt.  As of my last weigh in at the end of week 3 of my 2nd challenge, I have dropped another 6 lbs of fat.  

    This program DEFINATLEY WORKS!!!!!  The best advice I can give you is "PATIENCE".  I don't know what your goals (weight loss, gain, muscle tone) are but people don't get fat overnight.  You aren't going to get fit overnight either.  This program will produce amazing results if you just trust it.  Put in the work, give it some time and the results will come, I promise you!!!  

    Good luck on the rest of your challenge!!!!

  • Wow, that's fantastic, pperk!  I'm feeling inspired!  I don't think I could possibly lose 34.5 pounds of fat in the 12 weeks since I've only lost 3.5 in the first four, but this is inspiring me to tighten things up a bit.

  • "Extra" with regard to an active lifestyle is good.  Training for a 1/2 marathon is not BFL.  You can follow BFL basics with it, but it's not BFL.  Don't feel you are lesser because you are doing the program, one that is proven to work. I did the program 100% by the book and was last year's Runner Up in my category.  You are on track! 

    Also, please note that many women don't see much change for 8 week and then BAM, it all happens. 

    If you work BFL, BFL will work for you. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Oh, please note that eating by the book means following the guidelines in BFL and the foods on page 84. 


    The Eating for Life book is ironically NOT eating by the book.  That thing is a trap! 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Dee,

    I agree with Jessica just follow the program and be patient.  

    I am 10 days from finishing my first challenge and I feel better that I have felt about myself in years!  

    Also, create some goals that are not so focused on weight - women are just hard on ourselves about the scale!  I have lost about 10lbs and I let this get me down, but I have gained so much more from BFL program.  I went from below average fitness to average fitness at 6 weeks and my goal is to above average - I did this assesment at our local YMCA.  

    WAY to go pperk - you are inspiration!  

    Also, I am planning on just doing another challenge & then another.......  I will just have new goals each time.

    Good luck and keep it up!

  • Proverbs,  I think if you hang in there and follow the guided path you will see results, usually like everyone agrees by the 8th week of so.  The only extra I usually do is for the abs and I do that on my cardio days because I never thought the ab work in the book was quite enough for me, but that is a personal view not shared by all in the BFL Community. Still cardio days may be a great spot to add a little extra for stubborn areas.  Remember what is said about abs though,  most of that is made in the kitchen (through watching what one eats, so eat clean in other words) and don't go crazy on Free day too much.

  • Proverbs:

    I am a rule follower!!  I have followed the book word for word for over 6 months now.  I have come down from a size 14 to a size 6 and have lost over 20 lbs...not sure on the fat...but before I could suck in my stomach, now it just stays tight!!  I have just now started to run a little, but most of my cardio has been walking at different speeds uphill on a treadmill.  I love how this program is perfect for everyone, the key is to push yourself...if you are not about to die when you're done then you didn't push yourself enough in the time's not the program.  (Not speaking of you specifically :)  just in general).  I also take my free day off to the full extent...I eat whatever I want...whenever I want, but all the other days...I stick with the plan.  Other people talk about how it makes them sick...not for me unfortunately!!  Good luck and stay committed and you will see results.

  • Ive done it by the book and "not" by the book..they BOTH worked really well.  And, "not" the book i mean i was taking  fitness classes , walked in the park around the track, was just a VERY active person with active children on top of following the guidelines of BFL's workouts and eating. (this was many years ago and many pounds lighter)

    I just finished my 12 weeks and have started on C2 with a great forum group.  I am still doing it by the book (workouts & eating) but need to tweak things here & there for one reason or the other...and it is still working.  I am starting to look great and i feel FANTASTIC!!!

    So I guess my longwinded point (lol) is that the program was created to be followed as is with wonderful do it, go for it and keep up the hard work.  If after 12 weeks (or even now) you want to "tweak" things, or add extra activity, DO IT,  it certainly will not hurt you.  Activity is a wonderful thing :)

    Keep on Keepin on and best of luck to you


  • Hi Proverbs,

    I completed my first challenge back in October 2011. I did everything BY THE BOOK to a T! I ate clean 100% of the time (except for my free day) and never missed ONE workout the whole 12 weeks!!!! I had GREAT results and met all the goals I had set for C1!!!! I say for your first challenge, keep it by the book and you will see results if you truly are following the BFL plan to a T.

    Many of us now do other things...I am currently on challenge 4, and after my C1, I tweaked each challenge a little differently to reach my goals. I still eat clean (even cleaner than my C1 as I currently follow the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno) but my workouts are definitely more intense than my first challenge. But, as I said before, for your first challenge, stick to the original BFL plan. After 12 weeks, if you want to continue this lifestyle and complete more challenges, then feel free to shake it up a little according to your goals. Good luck!

  • Proverbs,

    I'm at the end of my challenge this week. I basically followed the meal recommendations. I did try some of the meal recipes on this website. I loved the tuna pasta salad. One of my favorites. Anyway, as far as exercising. I would also add extra ab work outs on my cardio days. Not too extreme, but enough to feel the burn. I also did take supplements: multivitamin, omegaplex, and protein shakes after exercise and also early in the morning to help start my metabolism. TONS OF WATER too! A gallon a day probably...

    So summing it up I guess I didn't follow to a T but BFL can be adjusted for your needs. I am proud to say I am stronger than I ever was before. I have definition in places I never did before. I can bench press 60 lbs! BFL has made me love my body even more.

    There are some pictures in my tumblr site on my signature line. You can check em out.

    I'm planning to continue my BFL because for me it's a life sort of thing. My goals are to hopefully bench press my weight. 123 lbs!

  • Dee,

    I also feel as if I am sabotaging myself too!!! is so weird.  I have 18 days left.  ..though I have had results, they are not what I was expecting.  This week I had a couple of free days. I have been extremely hungry and I am somewhat fearful of what my results will be in 18 days.  My mind is playing tricks.  I am also looking for more REAL RESULTS than what I have achieved so far.

    I need words of wisdom.  

  • Good Morning!  I too am doing this program to a "T" and by the book.  This is not just an 84 day thing for me-I'm challenging myself to a full year-4 cycles. I'm starting week 5 on Monday. Go in your closet and find something you haven't been able to wear for awhile.(We all have something!) and put it out so you are looking at it constantly.  Try it on-see how it fits.  This will keep you on track on those hungry days.  When our mind plays tricks-Remember Bill Phillips words--"Nothing tastes as good as being in the best shape of your life does"  Good Luck!!