Hello fit4life,  I think I did good being that I actually went through with it.  Yes it was fun it was.  I was truly overwhelmed with the whole process.  I only trained for 3 mos which I think I needed more training.  My trainer after looking at the winners of the show and my pics has determined for my height I need to be at about 195.  So I lost 20lbs for fat for the first show now Ihave to gain 20lbs of muscle for my show in Aug.  I'm 175 at the moment.  So today is day one for me for my new diet and workouts to but on more lean muscle and maintain my leaness.  I'm looking forward to getting a little bigger.  I feel tiny when I get on the scale but not when I look at myself. Anyway I'm looking forward to the next show.  I will be posting my Day 1 pics from today later this week and I'm going to take pics and weight every two weeks.  Well thanks again and everyone keeping MOVING FORWARD.

Simp Dog