Trying to get Started Again

  • I previously fisnished my first body for life program in November 2011, Thought thats great i feel so awesome i'm never adapting back to those horrible habbits again. Lost 10kg looked great felt great........4months later...10kgs back on, eating habits returned back to normal now i am feeling aweful and wondering where that motivation went??

    I am keen to get back on this but i its like i don't know where to start? I keep saying i will be starting Monday.. monday comes and goes then i say ok i'll start next Monday.. and same cycle goes around and around. I know i just need to get off my butt and get to the gym and start eating smart. Its ok i can eat what i want on Sunday to get it out of my system for the following week.. then i know that free day is here and the stuff i used to crave now makes me sick.
    Anyone else done this once before and now trying to attempt a second time and commit to it for life?

    Any motivation, tips etc will be greatly appreciated!!

  • totally posted that in the wrong section! sorry.

  • Hi Olivia,

    Like myself there are many others who started the program, fell off and started up again. One thing I suggest is, if you mess up on Monday, don't figure the entire week is shot and decide to start the following week. I started my program on a Tuesday, because I had too many leftovers in my house on Monday from weekend guests. So, after cleaning my fridge out "anteater style", I woke up early Tuesday morning, went to the gym and followed the program. Remember this is one step at a time and you can do it.

    When you get discouraged, there are lots of things you can do to help you get motivated. Re-read sections of the book. The success stories are always encouraging. Also come on this board and read some of the posts for guidance and encouragement.

    Don't have an "all or nothing" approach to this. If you breakdown and have icecream at 11pm, tell yourself about the work out you did that morning, the nutritious meals you ate throughout the day. It is a good sign that the stuff you eat on your free day, isn't as appealing as it used to be.

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  • I think you should just start from the beginiing its a lifestyle change and you have to start where you began to feel better again good luck to you and never give up hope always turn your negative into a positive.

  • Hello:  This is my 3rd attempt at this program. In( 2000) I lasted 3 weeks the first time and realized I was so unhealthy and sick that it motivated me into re-hab.  When I was 7 years clean/sober I completed the workouts to the letter, but my diet was inconsistent. I still wasn't disciplined enough within myself to do as suggested. Now I am 11 years clean/sober and I am on week 2 of this program, and I'm disciplined enough to complete this program-to the letter.  I want the body" that I WANT" and it's not going to happen for me wishing and dreaming.  This is definitely a transformation program. Who says it has to take 12 weeks(that's the plan)  but for me it's been 12 years-and I've been transforming myself continually. If you want motivation run the profile on akmana08.  Those pictures give me and I'm sure many-INSPIRATION!!!  I imagine my head on her body.  Wow!!! The only difference is-is that I'm 50.  It'll be exciting to see how inshape I can get this body. I'm programming myself to do 4 cycles of this program.  That's why I bought a year membership to the gym.  I'm not wishing-I'm busting a sweat!  Good Luck!