Week 1/Week 9 comparison pics

  • I still have a LONG way to go to get the body I want, but the progress I see keeps me motivated. I am getting hooked on feeling fitter and eating better. This is now a way of life for me. So, it's only a matter of time before I look the part of how I am now feeling on the inside.

    Week 1: 157, BF 29.9%  YIKES!!!

    Week 9: 147, BF 25.6%

    Lost 9 lbs fat, gained 2 lbs muscle apparently. I am aiming for 20% BF, putting me in the low 130's. I'll see how I look/feel at that point and re-evaluate if necessary. I am determined to have a flat tummy and better buns/thighs, with some muscle tone showing. So maybe 18% BF will wind up being what I need. We'll see!

    I just wanted to say, in looking at all my photos from along the way, I see more change between weeks 8-9 than I did between weeks 1-8. Patience is essential but does pay off. I am eager to see what week 12 will have me looking like :-) And then challenge 2, etc. etc. 


  • Looking great!  It's so awesome to see other people who are ahead of me post progress pics, because I get so amped up looking forward to weeks 8-12.  Keep up the good work, it's inspiring!   :)  

  • Thank you so much for posting! You are having great results.  I'm almost through week 6 and have seen some changes but was getting discouraged.  I'm holding out for weeks 8 and beyond!

  • I was in tears and depressed week 6 because of lack of "results" so I was hoping that posting these humiliating photos would help others who are in the dumps now :-) Thanks for the kind words.

  • Thanks for posting your pics. You and I  have very similar before pics so it is very motivating to see your progress. How many inches have you lost around your navel so far?

  • 2" around my waist and 4" (I think?) around my navel. It's 4 or 5. I wore this one shirt at Christmas that was tight on me and when I wore it yesterday? It's completely loose around the waist and was falling off my shoulders. I have to wash it in hot water and dry the heck out of it to shrink it.

  • Keep up the good work! I cant wait to see your after pics!


  • Wow, Great work in just that short time and more results on the way I am sure. You can be proud of what you have already accompished during your Challenge this time. Best wishes for your continued success and Keep Moving Forward like Bill Phillips always said.

  • Great work!  You can really see changes!  Thanks for posting as I am toward the end of week 5 and wasn't that thrilled with my 4 week pictures in terms of changes.  Clothes are fitting much better, but I wanted to see more results. Keep up the good work...you can do it!

  • Wow!!  That's great to see all the changes already!!  Keep it up

  • Great Job Ann,,my best to you!

    God Bless!


  • Great progress!  Keep focused!

  • Annrunning,

    Wow, you can see a big difference in your mid-section, back and thighs. Great job!!!!  Looks like we started this challenge at the same time.  Let's finish it up strong and move on to the next one.  We'll be looking good just in time for summer :)

  • Awesome!!!   It is sometimes hard to find the words to describe a transformation but the expression and smile say it all. Great job enjoy your new lifestyle.