Three week progress - no photos yet

  • I'm down with a cold today and couldn't get out to do my cardio so I'm trying to stay focused by spending some time in the forum.  How better to stay on track when you're temporarily off than by making yourself accountable to others?


    Start date 2/9/2012

    28 year old female 5'5''

                       Start              3 weeks

    weight        168 lbs          160 lbs

    waist           34.5''             31/5''

    Navel          36''                34.75''

    Hips            42''               40.5''

    Thigh         23''                 23''   took an inch off, then put it back on?!


    I haven't tested my bfp yet, but calipers are on their way.  I also do have beginning pics but I'm just too chicken to post them.  Maybe in a few weeks I'll just be so excited about the progress that I'll want to post them all. 

    I'm feeling pretty pumped so far and I'm more energized and generally feel great apart from the cold!  I'm surprised how much I am enjoying the cardio.  I've never liked to run but I feel like I have a reason now.  Every time I work out, I think about my 1-year-old daughter and how I'm trying to be a good example for her of a active, healthy, happy person.  Of course I'm doing this for me too, but a baby can put things into perspective!  Thinking about helping her live a full, healthy life and living long enough to watch her do so is more motivating for me than wanting to look good!

  • Greetings CookieFleck,   Your stats show that you are making great progress but I am sorry that you have a cold.  There are lots of bugs and colds going around right now, especially that nasty stomach flu as well.  WIsh you the best,  You have a great attitude and I think you will finish the 12 weeks in style no matter what you obstacle. (I have had colds during a challenge but I try to get rest and fluids and usually am down only a day or so, it happens don't let it rock your boat)  Keep MOving FOrward!

  • Hi Cookie,

    Wow! 3 weeks and all that progress???!!! That is amazing!!! I'm at the end of my 2nd week and not nearly as far along as I wish I were. My strength is building but my body is resisting outer change :-/

    My daughter is also part of my inspiration and the cool thing is that when she turns 12 (in the start of April) she will be able to join Golds Gym and go with me. She told me the other day that she can't wait because she wants to motivate me!!! How amazing is that?! My own daughter wants to inspire me. The best gift ever <3 <3 <3

    Keep up the great work Cookie! Don't let the cold get you down. It is said that 75% of weight loss is what goes into your mouth ;0)

  • That'll be fun when you can take your daughter to the gym with you!  Kids are terrific motivation toward health. All the years that I wanted to lose weight/look good for other people (read: boyfriends/husband) and it never stuck.  I needed a reason to be healthy, not attractive!  Doesn't help that my husband loves more plump figures :)

    This cold is a bear!  I'm still down, but managed to get my weight lifting in yesterday so I'm not missing all my workouts and I'm sticking with the BFL nutrition. I was supposed to go skiing this morning, but I can't cross my living room without hacking up a lung.  Can't break in the new boots :P

  • That is fantastic progress for only 3 weeks. You are going to nail this thing!

    My two boys are great motivators. I want to show them how diet and exercise is such a vital and positive influence in life. My older boy is a very picky eater but is now willing to branch out and try new foods these past few weeks.