New Year, New Body-for-Life Starts Now!

  • This will be my progress journal for Challenge 1. Starting tomorrow I will be on a mission for a body and mind transformation!

    12 Week Goals:

    1. .5% body fat a week GONE!

    2. 4 to 5 workouts per week with 3 days of cardio

    3. 20g. or less sugar per day 

    4.Calorie deficit of 20%- 25% a day with one free day or maintenance day per week

    5.Lots more  water, transforming this body of mine! 

    Stay tuned...more to come:)


    It's not where you start--it's where you finish that counts ~ Zig Ziglar

  • Congratulations "Carved10",

    Your fitness journal looks complete, but being too regimented may have consequences if you don't actually see the results when you want them.  Remember this is a Body for Life journey and not merely a destination.

    First & foremost have fun!  Secondly, always (even when the going gets tough) hold the image in your mind of what you want to look like in 12-weeks and the results will come... guaranteed!

    2011 Men's Body-for-LIFE Champion "endure... inspire... body for life!"

  • @ DrivinToSucceed2011, Thank you for the advice. Your right about the consequences. I understand I will not hit my goals 100% of the time., but I will keep them in my mind- this is what I want to strive for in the next 12 weeks.

    I like the idea to first and foremost have fun:) I will add this to my DREAM LIST for sure! I will be telling me this "first & foremost have fun" lol. Especially when I want the sweet stuff!

    Oh, I have no problem imagining how I want to look and it's certainly not the look in my pics I just took. I will have to put them on my dashboard (or where ever I put them) tomorrow - I am new to the site.  I just realized I have to take them over cause I didn't put the newspaper in the photo:( Too much in a hurry!  Well off to rest before the challenge starts in the morning( so excited). It's way past my bed time.  DREAM my brand new gym will be open tomorrow!

    Hope you have a great progressive day tomorrow!


    It's not where you start--it's where you finish that counts ~ Zig Ziglar

  • Feb 13, 20012: 147lbs, bmi: 25.37, fat mass: 31.59 lb. lean mass:115.41 body fat: 21.49%

    I used the tools available on the site for bf,fm, lm, bmi. I never took my bf in more than one area before. I believe my bf to be much higher(more like 28 -31%). Oh well practice makes better. Also I did not retake my pics to add newspaper. I will have it in my next photos. 

    Got in some cardio but that is all. Off to a slow start today. Gym is opening tomorrow so I will be checking it out after work, Food intake today also off to a slow start. Not enough! Stayed away from sugar though so that's good. Just a tough day being my son's 29th birthday.Expecting a more normal day tomorrow. 



    It's not where you start--it's where you finish that counts ~ Zig Ziglar