Week 2 Experience

  • Please see my previous post "Week 1 Experience" to follow me on my journey.



    Lost 4 pounds (A total of 10 pounds)

    Higher energy level

    Higher self-esteem

    Down another belt notch


    Showing improvements in lower body workout

    Cardio back on track from last week.  (Previously felt like I was losing some endurance on the tredmill because before I started this program I was running between 8 and 12 miles a week.

    Looking forward to taking a picture and doing measurements in two weeks.



    Still not making advances in the upper body workout.  I'm only able to do what I did the first workout in terms of weight.

    Having to take stool softener to keep from being constipated.

    Feeling guilty on free day.  The first week I over-ate.  This week held back.  I still felt guilty for enjoying tasteful food.

    Still getting the jitters from Myoplex Original.  Now drinking more Myoplex Lite.

    See minimal changes in the mirror. (Yes I know it is only week 2)


    Overview:  I'm 6'3 and started trying to lose weight on my own around Thanksgiving.  I started at 225 and and before I started BFL I got down to 201.  Since I've started BFL, I've lost 10 more pounds for a total weight loss of 34 pounds since Thanksgiving.  I'm really wanting to improve my upperbody but it appears I may be a "hard-gainer".  Please share your own week two experience or help me with mine.  Any info is helpful.  Thanks for reading.


  • Aubreydaddy40, Sounds like you're taking good steps in the right direction for your journey! Keep it up! We'd like to talk to you more about your experience with the Myoplex Original. Would you mind giving us a call? Our number is 1-800-297-9776 M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST. Please reference case# 00644536 when you call us. Looking forward to chatting with you! ~Brooke @BodyforLIFE